Two hackathons held to find solutions to address critical urban mobility challenges

Project Description

  • Academy
  • 1 January 2022
  • 7 Months
  • CMH
  • € 132 644 

Two hackathons are being organised in Madrid, Spain, and Lisbon, Portugal, to find solutions to two common city challenges, and develop them to become fully-fledged pilot projects. 

The first challenge will ask participants to design a solution that encourages active mobility, especially cycling, and ensure residents feel safe and secure to ride around the city. Applicants will also need to consider how public transport can be used in conjunction with cycling, and how to incentivise local businesses to promote active mobility. In the second challenge, interventions that address regulation of motorised cars in low-emission zones will be sought, to help cities decrease air pollution and congestion. This includes promotion of electric cars and other vehicles, and public transport options. 


Innovators will create start-ups to solve mobility challenges in cities, learn how to build ventures, and maximise networking opportunities.

Main Objective

To solve challenges in urban mobility in Madrid and Lisbon that can develop into pilots and a feasible and profitable new business.


Train innovators to create their own ventures, help cities find solutions to mobility challenges, and create a model that can be replicated.



Project lead

Andrea Ruggiero
Connected Mobility Hub
Sergio Diez
Connected Mobility Hub