VOLARE develops a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft under the registered trademark APELEON. Offers solutions that have vast potential for accessing rural areas, responding to emergency health or technical situations and express cargo transport.


At UP&CHARGE, a hands- and cable-free automatic recharging system for all-electric vehicles (cars, trucks, autonomous cars, drone cabs) is offered.


The Edge Company developed a non-cooperative obstacle detection system based on AI to recognize birds and obstacles in real time. Their solution is already implemented in a vertiport and in some airports in Europe.

StratoWave Connect

StratoWave Connect focuses on the development of a hybrid propulsion system for multi-rotors that should allow autonomy of 5-10 hours at least. The company works in parallel on long-range broadband TCP / IP communication systems for UAVs.


Skycharge builds autonomous charging stations for drones that enable BVLOS operations and remove human intervention. The solution package includes products and services, ensuring drones are automatically kept charged, protected, and operational.

PrimeCor Systems S.L.P.

PrimeCor is a Safety Augmentation System installed in UAVs ensuring compliance with EASA airworthiness regulations. With PrimeCor, UAV urban logistics applications are to be executed with highest level of safety with lowest operating costs.

DM-AirTech GmbH

DM-AirTech brings weather and analytics solutions to make Urban and Advanced Air Mobility safe, efficient, and sustainable by supporting the decision-making process and route selections down to performing automatized weather clearances.

Connect Robotics

Connect Robotics (CSRA) offers drone delivery for urban and hard-to-reach destinations. The company specializes in assembling drones that fit the clients’ needs, providing safe, fast, and cost-effective autonomous delivery of high precision.

ARC Aerosystems

ARC Aerosystems Limited is a UK-based technology company developing a range of civil hybrid-electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft. The company aims to enable sustainable civil air transport technology to serve humanity and the environment.


ABzero is a start-up that offers the smart capsule, a system for the delivery of blood, emocomponents, organs, and medicines that enables everyone using drones according to regulations, ensuring delivery in an autonomous way and in total safety.