Luchs security

Luchs security testing suite is ideal for automotive Tier 1/2 suppliers and OEMs to meet security regulations efficiently and cost-effectively.
It can reduce costs by up to 80% compared to traditional market options.


XENSE Vision enhances automated vehicles’ decision-making in complex traffic by providing positions of hidden objects and pedestrians. This is achieved through sensor-equipped infrastructure, ensuring safer and more efficient navigation.

The Tyre Collective

The Tyre Collective spearheads the capture and monitoring of tyre wear, thus accelerating the shift towards a true zero-emission future. Its solution reduces ocean microplastics and air PM pollution from tyres.

Terra sp. z o.o.

TerGo is a full-stack carbon market company that provides solutions to count, reduce and offset carbon emissions. Its flagship product – TERbit – is an app that quantifies and rewards eco actions, such as low-emission commuting.

Novac s.r.l.

Novac targets the electric mobility market, improving its efficiency and quality by means of shapable solid-state supercapacitors, thus imposing a new quality standard for the best electric vehicles on the planet.


i4drive provides comprehensive driver profiling and deep analytics, enabling fleets, insurers, and smart mobility operators to truly understand what is impacting driver behaviour and safety.


Clearly is a data-led mobility emissions platform, offering net-zero solutions for road transportation and access to sustainable finance across the supply chain.


Carbmee is an Enterprise Carbon Management Software company that offers an Environmental Intelligence System (EIS), enabling companies to reduce their carbon footprint by analyzing value chains on the road to achieving net-zero.


Brightmerge is a data decision-making platform for rapidly optimizing and verifying financial, sustainability and reliability performance of advanced renewable energy microgrid systems that enable rapid adoption of Electric Vehicle Fleets.


Anyroutes enables SMB Distributors to collaborate and share delivery schedules based on route and proximity, reducing operational costs and eliminating the congestion and waste of overlapping deliveries.