ROADIA harnesses the potential of Artificial Intelligence by providing scalable solutions for road safety and big data traffic analytics, contributing to the transition towards smart cities.

Walking Talking AB

Walking Talking offers corporate leaders a scientifically-based method to manage stress and foster a sustainable corporate culture. Its digi-physical platform encourages daily movement and communication, fostering collaboration among colleagues and supporting companies in overcoming stress issues sustainably.

Triply GmbH

Triply develops intuitive and straightforward software that is capable of providing holistic analysis and planning of mobility solutions that combine multiple mobility modes to provide meaningful, safe and sustainable mobility.

SparkPark AS

Sparkpark AS is a Norwegian company serving the global market with green technology. Its product portfolio consists of Happy City®, an IoT solution for micromobility vehicles parking, and a fleet of electric kickscooters and electric bikes.


Parkunload is an innovative digital platform to regulate, control, monitor, and analyze Smart Loading and Delivery Zones to accelerate the shift towards Sustainable City Logistics, based on a patented parking control method by using apps and Bluetooth.

LADE offers a complete, scalable system for charging infrastructure and energy management that automatically optimises renewable energy consumption. All core elements – chargers, software backend, smart energy management – are developed in-house.


IMPARGO digitalizes the operations of transportation service providers working in analog mode by offering an easy-to-use SaaS solution that reduces cost, risk and increases their customer service level overnight.

Hybrid Lidar

Hybrid Lidar Systems is a manufacturer of next-generation LiDAR sensors. Its technology allows for the highest-in-class resolution at low costs. The company focuses on use cases in Industry 4.0, HealthTech, aerospace, agriculture, and autonomous mobility.


Comodif helps companies to unlock the power of their mobility data and thus, empowering connected mobility by digitalization of their assets.

RiDERgy GmbH

Cities will move to electric mobility for a cleaner air. Renewable energies provides the energy to drive but they fluctuate. These 2 trends can be synergistic by charging and discharging the vehicle batteries at the optimal time. This requires a good prediction based on an AI algorithm and data that steers the electricity according to the mobility and energy grid needs. RiDERgy provides this solution, boosts electric mobility by making it cheaper and avoids the installation of extra batteries.

B2B software platform for efficient fleet electrification and charging. Via algorithms, flexible apis to chargers & vehicles. As renewables’ volatility increases, we help keep grids stable via flexible demand & EV batteries.

Zentrack – Luna Systems

Luna develops ‘Edge AI’ / computer vision technology, to keep micromobility vehicles (shared electric scooters, bikes, mopeds delivery bots etc) safely in the correct lane/parking zone, while also generating crowd sourced vision data for use by the city and other stakeholders.

Logo Block


Block provides smart and secure bicycle racks to foster a sustainable and smart urban mobility, making cyclists’ life worry-free and convenient.