XOO City

XOO is the smart charging infrastructure for sustainable micro-mobility in public spaces. XOO charging points distributed across the city charge e-scooters and electric scooters where they are needed – efficiently, energy-saving and tidy.


Scootable is a vehicle agnostic platform for shared mobility service providers.


Parabol provides proven innovative mobility platforms for interoperable urban mobility management and analytics by transforming mobility-related data to insights in 40 cities of 10 countries. By combining the platforms’ interoperable, flexible and modular structure with the team’s big data, cloud computing, and AI expertise, Parabol continue to enable real-time effective mobility management and analytics capacity in the light of high-volume market potential.


MinervaS is the university spin-off that offers innovative solutions in the energy and automotive sectors towards the reduction of CO2 and the on-board energy management.

Hergele Mobility

Hergele Mobility offers an all inclusive pack for emerging operators to start their own fleet in weeks. Fleet Pack includes the hardware and the software; the end user mobile application, the backend fleet management system, the operators app and the IoT integrated vehicles.


B2B platform that enables flexible use of a company’s parking spots so a greater number of employees can commute by car and use the parking lot.


We bring free-to-use smart and secure micromobility parking to forward thinking buildings and spaces in your city.


Last-generation solar-backed charging stations for light electric vehicles.

Flash Park SL

Flash Park SL provides a revolutionary solution to efficiently find parking spots in the streets of crowded cities using a network of renewable energy-powered parking sensors.

Carry Larry

We offer a highly functional and great looking compact electric vehicle for the elderly. The vehicle is based on our “CarryLarry” vehicle platform and can be seen as a combination of an EBike and medical training device that enables elderly to retain their mobility while staying healthy.


Bruntor is the fastest Last mile delivery vehicle in City! The stand-up solution helps to reduce the time spent at the drop-off point. With our solution City deliveries can be done 15% faster than with Van and even 40% faster than with a bike.


Rethinking Charging. A Swedish tech company offering unique and complete charging solutions for electric vehicles.