App for tracking orders in real time. The perfect complement to your logistics supply chain.

TOLV (ex Phoenix Mobility)

TOLV offers standardized and modular EV conversion kits for public and private actors that seek to accelerate their energy transition in a practical, responsible and cost-efficient way.

Spiny EV Solutions SL 

Spiny is designed for people who commute and do not want to arrive to work sweaty and for those who want to increase distance and keep the same amount of effort. Spiny is an e-bike conversion kit that provides a simple, easy to install, removable and portable solution as opposed to mid-drive hub motors or other systems.

SEADs – sea defence solutions

SEADs´ (Sea Defence solutions) mission is to introduce the Blue Barriers – a simple yet effective patented technology to stop the plastic before it gets to the Oceans and to transform it into a resource.


Pealock (HW+Insurtech) is a smart electronic lock for sports equipment, such as bicycles, e-scooters, etc., with the possibility of arranging insurance directly in the Pealock application with just a few clicks.

Greenroads Limited

Greenroads is developing traffic management and mobility solutions with a focus on data-driven approaches that prioritise the environment. We transform and anonymise data, process it and present it in the form of interactive visualisations to enable traffic flow management and road planning. This data feeds into simulations and models to promote a shift from private cars to MaaS and active travel modalities. We thus help mitigate congestion and ensure business continuity in an ever-moving world.


VivaDrive helps companies introduce electric vehicles and alternative forms of transport in their organizations, and manage these new low and zero-emission fleets.

SparkPark AS

Sparkpark AS is a Norwegian company serving the global market with green technology. Its product portfolio consists of Happy City®, an IoT solution for micromobility vehicles parking, and a fleet of electric kickscooters and electric bikes.

Parkly Urban Furniture

Parkly is on a mission to bring people together. Its modular urban furniture solutions turn any outdoor area into a green and welcoming place where people can meet, play and unwind.

Omni Audio Ltd.

Omni Audio makes everything visible with sound. Its software helps the blind to “hear” objects, devices, and barriers around them and feel safe using intuitive sounds.


BeTriton developed the most sustainable and fun way to travel for the ever-increasing number of people who seek unique and green ways to escape. 


Scootable is a vehicle agnostic platform for shared mobility service providers.