Inbalance Grid

Inbalance grid is an energy-tech startup focusing on EV charging with the goal of making charging available everywhere. We have developed our own complete charging solution from HW to SW and are rolling out a charging network in the Baltics and Poland. – DataJiro

We use data-centric and model-centric AI approach together with supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques.


Hydrolift Smart-City Ferries AS, Hyke, is a Norwegian zero-emission waterborne mobility start-up. It aims to help cities solve pollution and congestion problems by deploying networks of zero emission electric, autonomous ferries for mobility and last-mile logistics.

Fyma OÜ​

Fyma is an urban analytics startup that specializes in using AI computer vision technology to retrieve valuable, anonymized data from video feeds. We primarily partners with real estate developers and planners to help them use data to increase livability, walkability, and sustainability in multi-use developments, green spaces, and streets.


Dreamwaves developed the technology and an app for accurate audio augmented reality (AR) navigation to solve this problem. With the app, there is no need to look at the map or interpret instructions. People can go anywhere simply by listening and following sounds. Dreamwaves uses spatial audio and advanced augmented reality technology to create the best audio navigation experience.


Cognata provides a testing and analysis engine for improving road safety & traffic flows with a photorealistic Mobility Digital Twin technology. Cognata uses 4D models which include AI-based Mobility traffic layers, helping cities and planners understand and analyze safety scenarios in urban environments, as well as examining different traffic scenarios in order to improve the safety and efficiency of future urban traffic planning.

Circu Li-ion

Circu Li-ion is a European battery upcycling startup. Our vision is to fight the climate crisis by maximizing the lifecycle of each Lithium-ion cell.


Platform that connects families to share routes to schools and/or extracurricular activities.

Bintel AB

Bintel delivers a full vertical waste management solution providing customers with actionable data where hardware (level measuring sensors), connectivity, cloud-based integration platform and web-based analytics are included.


The vadeBike service is the safest bicycle parking and private scooters with the most points in the city of Barcelona.

Vadecity is a network of urban transport stations that enables electric charging, secure parking for bicycles and scooters and capture monetisable urban mobility data in real time. Providing a solution for companies, municipalities and citizens


Whee! is a B2C cargo bike subscription service, offering car alternative utility e-bikes to families and urban households (care takers, often women), and
providing them with a premium utility bike for personal use 24/7, set up to fit their family and with insurance and all maintenance included.

VOoVOo (Total Traffic Management)

TTM – Total Traffic Management is focused on improving the Fleet Management services using Active Safety technologies. Our flagman product is Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA), which regulates the vehicle’s speed in real-time according to the road speed limits, based on Digital Maps and GPS technologies.