Real-time pollution City mAp thRough cOLlaborative sensIng aNd Analysis

CAROLINA aims to explore a new dimension of an urban air pollution monitoring and re-shape urban mobility based on minimizing the number of people exposed to the threshold values of harmful air pollution in European cities. The other unique value proposition is to involve citizen as part of the collaborative urban air pollution monitoring system, based on the statement that users are producers, not only consumers, and it is expected to provide the opportunity to engage citizens in the decision-making process of urban air quality in European cities.


CityFlows - Decision-support system for pro-active crowd management of crowded urban spaces​


UrbanSmartPark focusses on the development of automated on-street inner-city parking providing a broad range of possible parking-related services

CLEAR: City LivEAbility by Redesign

Launch real-life transition experiments in urban streets by means of small, tangible interventions, in combination with alternative mobility concepts

MOBY: Living lab e-micromobility

MOBY focuses on the impacts of e-micromobility on cities, traffic, safety and public spaces by integrating knowledge from the pilot cities

SHAREd MObility REwards

Increases carsharing efficient use by incentives while contributing to the integration with the existing overall transportation system and its sustainability