Workride solves commuting issues of companies of any size by pooling commuters of different companies in a digital platform and providing them with shared and affordable shuttle buses.

White Jacket Global S.L.

White Jacket is a software company with the objective to lessen inequality for people with disabilities through technology. It develops smart clothing that identifies the environment and communicates the surroundings thanks to haptic motors.

Omni Audio Ltd.

Omni Audio makes everything visible with sound. Its software helps the blind to “hear” objects, devices, and barriers around them and feel safe using intuitive sounds.


LendoCare is a mobility and accessibility equipment rental company dedicated to the design of more durable products suitable for the rental market. Its proprietary technology automates the rental journey and optimizes logistics.


EOOS NEXT is a social enterprise working in the field of mobility and WASH. The venture translates product ideas into working prototypes to be field tested at an early stage and presented to the industry after a proof of concept.

Cyclebee GmbH

Cyclebee is an IT start-up developing digital solutions for green mobility, especially bicycle and multimodality (bicycle & public) transport.

Cocoon Airbag Protection AB

Cocoon Airbag Protection develops the world’s safest child seat for bikes. The solution is a patented airbag protection for bicycle child seats that is attached to the back of the seat and will open up as a protecting airbag around the child in case of an accident.

Bellavi Software AB

Bellavi is a reliable software engineering partner in Stockholm, Sweden that helps companies of all sizes and industries build their business resilience and drive tangible outcomes with the help of IT solutions.

Artificient Mobility Intelligence GmbH

Artificient is a spin-off of Europe’s leading institute in automotive engineering. It leverages disruptive computer vision technology to develop an AI-powered smart driving app to transform the insurance industry towards safer and greener mobility.


3FINERY is launching LisNav, an app for blind individuals and those with vision impairments that provides on-demand environmental audio descriptions using geolocalization data from urban sites of interest.


Using the latest advancements in autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, and robotics, .lumen builds glasses that empower the blind to live a better life. With its hardware, the company offers relevant information to its user through an intuitive haptics and auditory feedback mechanism.


Nemi makes public transport in low-density areas feasible by providing a software solution that enables flexible bus services. With every new service, we work with the competent public authority to set up a range of stops in a territory and a set of expeditions. Whoever wants to use the service, must make a trip request through the user app. Based on the requests gathered, Nemi optimizes the route to serve only the stops that were requested, saving thus kilometres travelled and emissions.