Terra sp. z o.o.

TerGo is a full-stack carbon market company that provides solutions to count, reduce and offset carbon emissions. Its flagship product – TERbit – is an app that quantifies and rewards eco actions, such as low-emission commuting.


SWITCH is a mobile app that connects users with available parking slots and sharing mobility services, easing the hassle of finding parking or vehicles in big cities.


SurPlus Map integrates data from different sources in a map interface to help energy companies, local/regional governments, and charge points operators work together, as a team, on building widely accessible and connected charging infrastructure.

StratoWave Connect

StratoWave Connect focuses on the development of a hybrid propulsion system for multi-rotors that should allow autonomy of 5-10 hours at least. The company works in parallel on long-range broadband TCP / IP communication systems for UAVs.

SparkPark AS

Sparkpark AS is a Norwegian company serving the global market with green technology. Its product portfolio consists of Happy City®, an IoT solution for micromobility vehicles parking, and a fleet of electric kickscooters and electric bikes.


Skycharge builds autonomous charging stations for drones that enable BVLOS operations and remove human intervention. The solution package includes products and services, ensuring drones are automatically kept charged, protected, and operational.


SHARE provides green services for a range of urban logistics areas such as last-mile deliveries, lockers, cargo and quadricycles, or walkers crowdsourcing by plugging & playing with routing optimization and social engagement.


The SADE IoT solution family, formed by both hardware and software, helps track the cold chain to keep the quality of goods and also enables tracing the assets in warehouses to minimize the cost via RTLS (Real-Time Locating Systems).

RWInnoTec GmbH

RWInnoTec pursues the development, manufacturing, and sales of devices based on radio wave technology for environmentally friendly, efficient, and sustainable solutions tackling the urgent problem of road rehabilitation.


REOVLTZ creates high-end, mini-electric vehicles that truly elevate single-rider transportation and last-mile delivery methods. The company bridges the gap between the traditional automotive world and the emerging style of micromobility vehicles.


QOOB is a micromobility hub/platform for Personal Mobility Devices that combines a charging and parking station with сloud-based IOT technology.

PrimeCor Systems S.L.P.

PrimeCor is a Safety Augmentation System installed in UAVs ensuring compliance with EASA airworthiness regulations. With PrimeCor, UAV urban logistics applications are to be executed with highest level of safety with lowest operating costs.