Campfire Solutions GmbH

By providing customers access to intuitive AI-driven software to analyze sensor data easily, as well as a network of energy experts, Campfire Solutions offers energy efficiency as a service.


Brightmerge is a data decision-making platform for rapidly optimizing and verifying financial, sustainability and reliability performance of advanced renewable energy microgrid systems that enable rapid adoption of Electric Vehicle Fleets.


BeTriton developed the most sustainable and fun way to travel for the ever-increasing number of people who seek unique and green ways to escape. 

Bellavi Software AB

Bellavi is a reliable software engineering partner in Stockholm, Sweden that helps companies of all sizes and industries build their business resilience and drive tangible outcomes with the help of IT solutions.

BB Boreal Bikes GmbH

From specialized e-bikes for data collection to software tools for data visualization, analytics, and application development, BB Boreal Bikes provides the foundational technology for AI-enabled and connected sustainable urban mobility.

Asistobe AS

Asistobe develops a frontend platform for public transport planners that helps to align public transport plans with anticipated future demand in cities, shifting the planning approach from reactive to predictive with the power of AI and BigData.

Artificient Mobility Intelligence GmbH

Artificient is a spin-off of Europe’s leading institute in automotive engineering. It leverages disruptive computer vision technology to develop an AI-powered smart driving app to transform the insurance industry towards safer and greener mobility.

ARC Aerosystems

ARC Aerosystems Limited is a UK-based technology company developing a range of civil hybrid-electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft. The company aims to enable sustainable civil air transport technology to serve humanity and the environment.


Anyroutes enables SMB Distributors to collaborate and share delivery schedules based on route and proximity, reducing operational costs and eliminating the congestion and waste of overlapping deliveries.

ANET360 -British-Hungarian Road Safety PLC

ANET360 offers the easiest way to start collecting knowledge or upskilling one´s workforce via engaging learning experiences or effortless eye-tracking-based solutions – all embedded in one platform.


ABzero is a start-up that offers the smart capsule, a system for the delivery of blood, emocomponents, organs, and medicines that enables everyone using drones according to regulations, ensuring delivery in an autonomous way and in total safety.


3FINERY is launching LisNav, an app for blind individuals and those with vision impairments that provides on-demand environmental audio descriptions using geolocalization data from urban sites of interest.