Carry Larry

We offer a highly functional and great looking compact electric vehicle for the elderly. The vehicle is based on our “CarryLarry” vehicle platform and can be seen as a combination of an EBike and medical training device that enables elderly to retain their mobility while staying healthy.


Bruntor is the fastest Last mile delivery vehicle in City! The stand-up solution helps to reduce the time spent at the drop-off point. With our solution City deliveries can be done 15% faster than with Van and even 40% faster than with a bike.

Watt Deep Tech

Watt is an AI Assisted EV Charging Platform to Choose, Plan, Book, and Pay for EV charging. Watt consolidates all charging providers
under one roof creating a complete marketplace of available charging, allowing incorporation and interoperability.


Rethinking Charging. A Swedish tech company offering unique and complete charging solutions for electric vehicles.

walk15 UAB

#walk15 is a global walking platform, offering steps challenge solution for companies. The solution helps organizations to solve the problem of low employee involvement in physical activity and the lack of education about sustainability.


AI-based photo and video analyzing mobile apps and a platform to increase the productivity of companies.


Smart Points all over Europe help decarbonise last-mile logistics (from gig economies, to retail magnates) and are quickly becoming the standard of sustainable delivery of products and services to Smart Buildings and Smart Cities.


ProperGate is a system (software & hardware components) that solves the problems of logistics coordinators working on construction sites by automating delivery orders, synchronizing devices and unloading sites, monitoring vehicles with delivery as well as intelligent, unattended communication with: drivers, equipment operators, subcontractors, traffic coordinators and security guards to ensure just-in-time (JTT) deliveries.

LightCode Photonics​

LightCode Photonics is a deep tech company developing breakthrough technology for mobility. We are rethinking image acquisition and transforming 3D imaging from human-like perception to robotic vision – we are building the world’s first Software-Defined 3D Camera (SD3D Camera).

Inbalance Grid

Inbalance grid is an energy-tech startup focusing on EV charging with the goal of making charging available everywhere. We have developed our own complete charging solution from HW to SW and are rolling out a charging network in the Baltics and Poland. – Databee

We use data-centric and model-centric AI approach together with supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques.


Hydrolift Smart-City Ferries AS, Hyke, is a Norwegian zero-emission waterborne mobility start-up. It aims to help cities solve pollution and congestion problems by deploying networks of zero emission electric, autonomous ferries for mobility and last-mile logistics.