VivaDrive helps companies introduce electric vehicles and alternative forms of transport in their organizations, and manage these new low and zero-emission fleets.

Urban Monkeys GmbH

Urban Monkeys offers a novel solution for sustainable and authentic city travel and sightseeing. Their smartphone app provides audio-guided tours using public buses or trams, leveraging existing infrastructure efficiently for all city residents and eliminating the need for additional buses solely for tourists.

UDX Research s.r.o.

UDX is developing a fully electric flying vehicle capable of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL). A unique combination of technologies allows the company to introduce safe to fly VTOL vehicles for various use cases from safeguard missions to urban mobility.


Moveree combines behavior science and artificial intelligence to help motorists reduce their dependence on cars and switch to sustainable mobility services. The company offers a tailored coaching program to learn and test the most appropriate alternatives.

Link Robotics

Link Robotik develops vision-based navigation/localization solutions for future mobility.

GaiaHub OÜ

GaiaHub is an ecosystem of data-driven modular products offering insight into urban traffic’s impact on the climate. A platform aggregates real-time urban data from various sensors and provides reporting and predictions for governments and citizens.


Fruittorg acts as a B2B agri-marketplace with an end-to-end supply chain for the cross-border trade of fruits and vegetables.

BB Boreal Bikes GmbH

From specialized e-bikes for data collection to software tools for data visualization, analytics, and application development, BB Boreal Bikes provides the foundational technology for AI-enabled and connected sustainable urban mobility.

Asistobe AS

Asistobe develops a frontend platform for public transport planners that helps to align public transport plans with anticipated future demand in cities, shifting the planning approach from reactive to predictive with the power of AI and BigData.


We are developing a multiplatform app that will suggest the safest routes for micromobility users through AI; invite the user to spot dangerous hotspots; then integrate the first assisted-driving software by processing computer vision via Cloud & 5G.


TechNovator has invented unique method of energy transfer that allows us to charge drones, e-scooters, other high-powerful devices simultaneously at 0,5 meter distance with efficiency – 95% without cables.