WeCreate GmbH

WeCreate introdues a hybrid (analog and digital) network facilitating project-related cooperation among municipal administrations, the business community, political parties, and citizens.


SurPlus Map integrates data from different sources in a map interface to help energy companies, local/regional governments, and charge points operators work together, as a team, on building widely accessible and connected charging infrastructure.

RWInnoTec GmbH

RWInnoTec pursues the development, manufacturing, and sales of devices based on radio wave technology for environmentally friendly, efficient, and sustainable solutions tackling the urgent problem of road rehabilitation.


INRES (Innovative Renewable Energy Systems) is a deep technology company focused on engineering innovative technologies and producing new products to achieve clean and sustainable energy production for a greener world.

Go Rolloe Ltd

GoRolloe is a hardware engineering start-up that captures existing energy from vehicles to purify the ambient air.

Future Power Fund UG (i.G.)

Bidi Charge is an investment platform for semi-public charging points where EV drivers, landowners, and CPOs are interconnected. By bringing the missing resources such as investments and assessed sites, Bidi Charge enhances the charging experience of EV drivers.

Deveci Tech

ENLIL is a smart vertical axis wind turbine project that transforms highways into renewable energy sources by using winds created by vehicles as well as natural winds. The company offers a cheap, accessible, and eco friendly energy source for cities.


Cellgrid develops a spatial search engine that optimizes location choices for smart cities by aggregating data from various sources and automating recurring workflows.

Campfire Solutions GmbH

By providing customers access to intuitive AI-driven software to analyze sensor data easily, as well as a network of energy experts, Campfire Solutions offers energy efficiency as a service.

2C s.rl

The company is creating a smart cane powered by AI named JUSTEP to help blind and visually impaired people navigate safely in the streets with the help of AI image processing and highly accurate GPS.