velow offers sustainable urban micro mobility that pays off – for its users, their fellows, the city. velow is a closable e-bike with car comfort. It enables its users to be mobile and safe, while riding towards a better world, km by km, every day.

Tirn Technology s.r.o.

We bring cloud-based software for collaboration between municipalities, operators, and manufacturers that eases the adoption of e-buses. It predicts e-bus performance, charging needs, TCO, and CO2 footprint,thanks to simulating in multiple scenarios.


MissCar, a digital platform with an app and a website, which offers a carpooling service just for women, in order to provide our users, the opportunity to share car with unknown people with maximum security, peace of mind and trust.

By validating the identity of all users, we guarantee that all profiles registered on the platform are verified.


By simplifying the design of green energy, Levante creates a solar panel that can be taken anywhere. Designed according to circular economy principles, the benefits of our panels are greater energy efficiency, space savings, and durability.

Karikrea SL (Ossby Folding Bikes)

At Ossby, we convert recycled plastics and fibers into innovative electric vehicles to move around the city. We manufacture in Spain unique folding bikes and ebikes to help cities be greener and more sustainable.

IO-Dynamics GmbH

Our mission is to make charging EVs smarter and greener. We develop and sell IO-ELON, a data-driven smart charging solution for EV fleets that controls and manages EV charging in a sustainable, reliable and efficient manner.

Greenele Oy (Hidas)

Greenele is making charging electric vehicles easier and more affordable than ever before by developing a charging station that is designed for ease of use and affordability with metering and billing options.


GoCharly provides On-Demand Delivery-As-A-Service in urban environments and uses teleoperated delivery robots instead of traditional human couriers.

Unipessoal LDA – Luma

Luma is creating an intelligent cloud algorithm and user app that aggregates and manages the charging and discharging of Electric Vehicles parked throughout a city, creating virtual batteries at a fraction of the cost of traditional energy storage.


MinervaS is the university spin-off that offers innovative solutions in the energy and automotive sectors towards the reduction of CO2 and the on-board energy management.