CommutINg with ShAred mobility covid-FrEe

CommINSAFE project develops and introduces to the market a technological solution consisting of a mobile application for shared mobility services addressed to ecosystems accompanied with a data management system of disinfection facilities and users’ profile.

Taxi Sharing Milano

CITY RESTARTS – REsilient Safe Transport for All: Reliable Taxi Sharing
Taxi sharing is a new service that improves matching demand and supply, augments the efficiency of taxi generating economic and environmental benefits.


Nemi makes public transport in low-density areas feasible by providing a software solution that enables flexible bus services. With every new service, we work with the competent public authority to set up a range of stops in a territory and a set of expeditions. Whoever wants to use the service, must make a trip request through the user app. Based on the requests gathered, Nemi optimizes the route to serve only the stops that were requested, saving thus kilometres travelled and emissions.


RideBee develops a platform for companies that supports the creation of carpools for employees and simplifies daily organization and long-term planning.
Most employees come to work by car. In the long run this is very expensive, time consuming and stressful for the individual. At the same time, problems such as pollutant emissions and traffic volume increase for society, especially during peak hours. Carpooling solves these problems by pragmatically increasing the use of cars.


DECON is a new hand disinfector based on ozonized water. Unlike alcohol disinfection it is effective against viruses and doesn’t cause skin problems.

Our mission is to help improve hand hygiene and prevent the hand-to-hand spreading of infections with a new ground-breaking ozone-based hand disinfector. In the current situation, with the CORONA pandemic, it is essential to find new solutions for hand disinfection and answers to the well documented problems of alcohol disinfection, ineffectiveness against viruses and skin problems.



We develop simple solutions to the challenges our users meet every day.

Saanize seeks to create an easier everyday for people by developing simple solutions to simple problems. We strive to create honest and simple products with sustainability in mind.



Nüwiel is Hamburg-based startup with a mission: change current urban mobility patterns and free cities from unnecessary car use, noise and air pollution. At Nüwiel we developed the world’s first electric trailer for bicycles that provides a sustainable and efficient solution to the last-mile challenges.


PentaLock is the most secure and convenient locking solution for bikes.

To stop bicycle theft, by stopping thieves from using and selling the bike. If they can’t do that, why steal it in the first place?

European Health Group

Our coating service prevents bacterial growth on highly used surfaces & all materials, killing viruses & bacteria & making our environment safer.

We believe that health care technology prevents diseases. We provide a coating service for antibacterial and -viral surface coating. The long lasting and self-cleaning coating prevents smear infections. All surfaces can be coated. The coating is our solution for more safety, less restrictions in our everyday life, less costs and continuous reduction of the bacterial load.



MUV turns sustainable mobility into a Sport. It gives organizations and brands the opportunity to contribute in enhancing people healthy behaviors, reducing pollution and improving cities liveability. Easily as they are just playing a mobile app game. Citizens train their sustainable mobility talent, play real Tournaments and get rewarded like real world athletes. CO2 reduction is monitored by using a certified metodology and mobility data is open to public adminstrations to improve policies.


Nothing to remember. Nothing to steal. You are the key.

The mission is to enable anyone to seamlessly access any digital service from any device, at any time, while keeping personal credentials safe, private and under control.

Odo Ride

Sustainable and smart first/last mile solution that collects data about the city.

Our ultimate goal is to accelerate the change to a new generation of smart cities