Omniloop AB

Omniloop develops and provides technologies, know-how, key components, and complete systems for underground capsule pipeline logistics for transporting and storing items, packages, circular flows, and waste that fits in a cylinder with a 30 cm diameter.


SHARE provides green services for a range of urban logistics areas such as last-mile deliveries, lockers, cargo and quadricycles, or walkers crowdsourcing by plugging & playing with routing optimization and social engagement.


The SADE IoT solution family, formed by both hardware and software, helps track the cold chain to keep the quality of goods and also enables tracing the assets in warehouses to minimize the cost via RTLS (Real-Time Locating Systems).


REOVLTZ creates high-end, mini-electric vehicles that truly elevate single-rider transportation and last-mile delivery methods. The company bridges the gap between the traditional automotive world and the emerging style of micromobility vehicles.


Keet is a fleet management software that helps SMEs that own a fleet of vans to manage them in the most efficient way. It takes one minute to be set up and gives owners full control of their fleet, and tailored AI-based insights on potential improvements.

IntegrityKEY S.R.L.

IK combines food and information technology to ensure transparent traceability of food, certifying its origin, quality, safety and sustainability, offering support to micro and SMEs in the region through advanced digital traceability solutions.

CommuteSaver AB

Commutesaver provides a fully digital solution and an automated CO2 tracking app for employee commuting. The AI based mobile app automatically detects the user’s transport mode and then tracks and reports those CO2 emissions to the company.

ANET360 -British-Hungarian Road Safety PLC

ANET360 offers the easiest way to start collecting knowledge or upskilling one´s workforce via engaging learning experiences or effortless eye-tracking-based solutions – all embedded in one platform.


BAVERTIS offers a software based power electronics for e-vehicles that increases battery life time and range, reduces costs and allows battery analytics. As it´s bidirectional the vehicle can be used for grid stabilization in smart grid applications.

Buddy Service - Startup ETI UM


Buddy Service is a startup from Barcelona that has developed on-site service App to connect travellers who experience disabilities with other users and local service providers.