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The way people move around is changing, with connected vehicles, autonomous driving, carpooling and the personalization of driving experiences. 

LinkByCar is simplifying the transport industry that has become increasingly complex. LinkByCar’s smart infrastructure gives businesses easy access to our world’s key connected vehicles systems and the millions of customers who use them.

The platform enhanced with artificial intelligence allows behavioural prediction of motor vehicles and the individuals who use them.

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Autonomous Knight

Autonomous Knight is a Belgian based technology company developing patented multi-spectral camera systems to fasttrack automation levels in time critical processes in the autonomous mobility, aerospace, industrial automation, security & defense

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Manufacturing of public and universal chargers for smartphones, tablets and other gadgets, as well as electric scooters and bikes. Boosting sustainable mobility with TRAP – Parking & Charging infrastructure for electric scooters.

Logo Wyze mobility

Wyze Mobility

WYZE Mobility is an impact startup dedicated to decarbonising, beautifying and silencing cities with with micro-mobility solutions combining technology with 2-wheels electric vehicles.

Logo Vertliner


Vertliner is a field robotics company specialised in the construction sector, developing autonomous flying robots for the end-to-end indoor assessment of building assets. Construction 4.0 is our domain, while precision, safety and efficiency are the values of our offering.

Logo deeptraffic


Deeptraffic offers a dynamic traffic management as-a-service platform.

deeptraffic is an innovation-driven, deep-tech spin-off company of CERTH-HIT, providing solutions and technologies that enable dynamic traffic management as a service, focusing on connected and automated vehicles.

Logo Cezigue

Cezigue is a web-platform connecting the business providing connected services, the in-vehicle access providers & the final users.

Logo Sideline


The mobile car wash, wherever you are! Saving time, money, planet & having impact on Society. Our company is an eco-friendly mobile car wash that, instead of 200 litres of water, uses only 200 millilitres and creates jobs for refugees.

Our product is Uber for a car wash that lets people book car cleaning services anytime, anywhere through our mobile and website platform. They just need to pick a date and time, select their own address, pay and DONE! By using the AI algorithm, the best washer matches the client based on the rating, location and availability. Also, we developed an administration web application that helped us to manage the orders and car washers and understand the status of the jobs.

Logo Motionpass


The MotionPass platform connects car drivers in a specific location, with the businesses and services nearby, allowing them to find, order and pay for services “on-the-go”.


Optiyol is a B2B Software solution which helps retailers and carriers for end-to-end optimization of logistics; from planning with advanced algorithms to execution with a driver app.

Optiyol is a next-generation approach to last-mile transportation optimization that integrates driver preferences, business strategies, variability of demand and traffic to create both efficient and practical route plans autonomously.


A solution enables improved safety and reduced operation costs of automotive fleets and transportation systems.