Luchs security

Luchs security testing suite is ideal for automotive Tier 1/2 suppliers and OEMs to meet security regulations efficiently and cost-effectively.
It can reduce costs by up to 80% compared to traditional market options.

Omniloop AB

Omniloop develops and provides technologies, know-how, key components, and complete systems for underground capsule pipeline logistics for transporting and storing items, packages, circular flows, and waste that fits in a cylinder with a 30 cm diameter.


XENSE Vision enhances automated vehicles’ decision-making in complex traffic by providing positions of hidden objects and pedestrians. This is achieved through sensor-equipped infrastructure, ensuring safer and more efficient navigation.


Workride solves commuting issues of companies of any size by pooling commuters of different companies in a digital platform and providing them with shared and affordable shuttle buses.


Wikimove is putting cities in control of mobility-as-a-service for sustainable, clean, inclusive, and safe mobility from the first to the last mile.

White Jacket Global S.L.

White Jacket is a software company with the objective to lessen inequality for people with disabilities through technology. It develops smart clothing that identifies the environment and communicates the surroundings thanks to haptic motors.

WeCreate GmbH

WeCreate introdues a hybrid (analog and digital) network facilitating project-related cooperation among municipal administrations, the business community, political parties, and citizens.

Walking Talking AB

Walking Talking offers corporate leaders a scientifically-based method to manage stress and foster a sustainable corporate culture. Its digi-physical platform encourages daily movement and communication, fostering collaboration among colleagues and supporting companies in overcoming stress issues sustainably.


VOLARE develops a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft under the registered trademark APELEON. Offers solutions that have vast potential for accessing rural areas, responding to emergency health or technical situations and express cargo transport.


VivaDrive helps companies introduce electric vehicles and alternative forms of transport in their organizations, and manage these new low and zero-emission fleets.

Urban Monkeys GmbH

Urban Monkeys offers a novel solution for sustainable and authentic city travel and sightseeing. Their smartphone app provides audio-guided tours using public buses or trams, leveraging existing infrastructure efficiently for all city residents and eliminating the need for additional buses solely for tourists.


At UP&CHARGE, a hands- and cable-free automatic recharging system for all-electric vehicles (cars, trucks, autonomous cars, drone cabs) is offered.