Walking Talking AB

Walking Talking offers corporate leaders a scientifically-based method to manage stress and foster a sustainable corporate culture. Its digi-physical platform encourages daily movement and communication, fostering collaboration among colleagues and supporting companies in overcoming stress issues sustainably.

Weslax GmbH

Weslax is developing an environmental, half-automated hybrid heavy-lift-drone to save time by direct airline during logistic & emergency-case situation (firefighting or rescue) by 150km range and 150kg payload with the compliance of the ESG-criteria.

Sorair Technologies

We are bringing the future of delivery vehicles to final mile delivery businesses by providing autonomous delivery drones as a new, more efficient, carbon neutral replacement for current road vehicles.

Reflet du Monde

The company supports its customers in the use of UAVs in terms of training, services, sales and research and development. Reflet du Monde also works in the field of agriculture with its 25 kg drone used for various services.


The core competence of OmniOpti is Logistics / Mobility, specifically the advanced algorithm for alternative routes, for the route optimization process. Our system provides more alternative routes to choose from and saves 5-15% of the money.


H2 DRON ENERGY is a clean energy technology and product manufacturing company. We design, manufacture and integrate solutions for the electric power generation using hydrogen fuel cell, at present we are focussed in UAVs.

Fusion Engineering

We aim to make drone flight much safer and reliable such that it can be integrated seamlessly into everyday life as well as expand their feasible commercial applications by developing cutting edge flight controllers, control algorithms, and software.

Finova Aviation S.L

Developing a Flying Car that can drive on the road and fly in the sky to offer true Door-to-Door mobility for First/Last-Mile Cargo delivery in urban areas to reduce the delivery cost for e-commerce companies.

eMagic Aircraft GmbH

Development, Design and Construction of airframe and electric propulsion system.


We’re changing how the world breathes and moves with sustainable and innovative ways to improve medical deliveries. Delivrone is a French start-up looking to revolutionize the medical last mile delivery industry using drones.


AldoraTech offers a drone delivery solution that aims for an efficient, sustainable and safe transition to a greener automated logistics. We have developed drones to deliver packages and a process to automate their manufacture, reducing costs.

tOURmix Delivery Bt.

tOURmix is a crowdsourced package delivery platform that pairs the movement/commute of people. As a result, logistical detours of delivery is eliminated, thus making home deliveries CO2 neutral and providing for a sustainable delivery network.