Zeabuz develops technology that will enable urban, zero-emission passenger ferries to be operated unmanned, anywhere, 24/7.

Cargio industries s.r.o

Cargio provides a flexible subsription service for cargobikes that takes care of everything except pedalling.

Inteligg PC

Intellig developed a monitoring system that uses a portable device on e-bikes to collect spatial and temporal data about air pollution concentrations through crowdsourcing techniques. A real-time feedback about air pollution information in their area of interest via an app is provided to users.


Aerit provides last-mile delivery to logistically challenging communities using our environmentally friendly autonomous drone network.


AirCar’s core philosophy is to build the best aircraft and infrastructure for urban air mobility for time saving and zero-emission future. The company develops autonomous electric airtaxi for up to four passengers.

Atlas Aero

Atlas Aero is building Origin – an airplane which combines the advantages of fixed-wing aircraft with vertical take-off and landing capabilities leading to unrivaled efficiency in forward flight.


BAQME is a sharing platform that provides on-demand access to electric box bikes, without people having to buy or lease and cope with ownership inconveniences.


Deeptraffic offers a dynamic traffic management as-a-service platform.

Pendel mobility

Pendel provides a Demand – Responsive Transport system with
automated shuttles to complement the public transport system
with an integrated app for on-demand ride hailing for their


TechNovator has invented unique method of energy transfer that allows us to charge drones, e-scooters, other high-powerful devices simultaneously at 0,5 meter distance with efficiency – 95% without cables.

Hopper Mobility GbR

The Hopper combines the best of car and bicycle: comfortable, fast, rainproof and environmentally friendly to the destination. As a bicycle, it is the perfect solution for individual urban mobility.


Theo provides teleoperated, delivery robots as a service for on-demand urban logistics. The extremely durable trikes can carry a 100 kg payload speeding up to 20 kmph with a range of 135 km per charge .Our bot is designed to meet e-bike regulations, maximising functionality and safety.