Qarin BV

Taking care of the first- and the last-mile and helping people with reduced mobility with transitions between different transport operators.


Software enabling interactively design and three-dimensionally visualize roads, railways, power lines or pipelines with simultaneous calculation of costs and scheduling – real-time and with wide automations.


The technology combines Acoustic with advanced Artificial Intelligence and IoT to add the missing layer to smart cities: the hearing, sounds analytics, allowing for detection, recognition and localization of specific sounds in any kind of environment.


Digital twin solutions for smart mobility ranging from on-demand logistic management to e-mobility gamification.


Skipit is redefining travel and allowing everyone to travel like a local.


Swugo is a Dutch technology startup that strives to make getting around simple, fun, and affordable for everyone. We help urban cyclists electrify any existing bicycle for a fraction of the cost of buying a new electric bicycle, with our connected smart-battery and technology-stack that scales.

Teleport Mobility

Teleport’s battery swapping system lowers operations cost, minimizes environmental impact and enables increased utilization of shared electric scooters and bikes.

XYZ Dynamics B.V

AxLectric is a retrofit add-on electric powertrain for LCVs that guarantees full-electric driving in zero-emission zones, because of its intelligent EMS – GEO fencing system.


AI & IoT solutions for improving road safety conditions.



MUV turns sustainable mobility into a Sport. It gives organizations and brands the opportunity to contribute in enhancing people healthy behaviors, reducing pollution and improving cities liveability. Easily as they are just playing a mobile app game. Citizens train their sustainable mobility talent, play real Tournaments and get rewarded like real world athletes. CO2 reduction is monitored by using a certified metodology and mobility data is open to public adminstrations to improve policies.



Dashfactory’s vision is to digitize bicycle traffic, to make cycling safer and more attractive while also improving the cycling infrastructure. The Dashbike technology of event-related and legally compliant video recording including all metadata as well as the simultaneous collection of daily updated infrastructure data in the required quantity is to be extended to other means of transportation.