Awake Mobility

Predictive Maintenance Platform for city bus operators in order to help them prevent vehicle breakdowns in the field and provide undisturbed journey experience to the passengers.

Bia Power

Integration of renewable energy to the grid by connecting its variable supply with flexible capacity of EVs.


Airbnb of charging station for electric car users. Bluedot app connects all charging stations into a single network, enabling owners to share and monetize them.

Blink Last Mile

Sustainable same-day delivery for non-Amazon e-tailers, with a “relay race” exploiting heavy and light vehicles.


Design and production of automotive robots for last mile delivery to decrease the cost of the delivery. 

Gordian Logistics Optimisation Systems

DeepTech software based on proprietary movement data analytics and AI that makes transport planning easy and effective by untangling millions of movement traces.


Neuro-AI based platform to directly track and evaluate the cognitive and emotional states of teleoperation drivers as well as passengers.

Meter Solutions Kft

SaaS product for fleet operators and energy network managers. A demand-side response system that uses IoT, machine learning and predictive analytics to optimise EV charging and match it with distributed renewable generation.

Moovster GmbH

Mobility platform connecting cities and companies that enables the use of all existing mobility services rewarding sustianable mobility choices.


 AI company improving the safety, efficiency and affordability of railway transport in complex urban and industrial environments by teaching vehicles to drive autonomously using off-the-shelf hardware and proprietary software and algorithms.


High-tech driven company specialized in conversion and re-use of road-harvested energy.

Peregrine Technologies

GDPR compliant AI technology company improving the road safety by preventing and avoiding the likelihood of high-risk events in traffic.