Have you ever wondered how much time you spend sitting in a trafic jam in your life? More than 200 days is wasted because of the inefficient settings of the traffic lights. We at IT-c developed a software that allows traffic lights to operate dynamically based on live traffic conditions, real-time, because we believe, that it is time for traffic light management to step into the future.


Fluctuo is an independent third-party data specialist focused on shared-mobility services (bikes, scooters, mopeds, cars). We help public stakeholders and private companies to make data-driven decisions on mobility services & infrastructures.

Tytovision startup EIT-UM


Tytovision is high tech company which produces artificial intelligence and machine vision algorithms to upragade mobility solutions. We make vehicles as intelligent as humans. The algorithms we produce enable every vehicle to make smart sectoral analysis. Our products, which also has ADAS features, can detect and report traffic violations or real-time mapping. Also we can produce some intelligent video analyses for businesses as well. In fact what we created is the eye of the city for municipal