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Skyroads System enables Advanced Air Mobility to scale safely and efficiently. It revolutionizes the management and navigation of both passenger and cargo drone traffic. As an aggregated platform, it opens up new opportunities for businesses and service providers. 

Ducktrain - EIT Urban Mobility


Ducktrain is an automated, electric light vehicle system for sustainable and very efficient urban and industrial last mile logistics with a step by-step go-to-road strategy: from partially automated follow-me to automated driving. Ducktrain will disrupt how urban and industrial logistic is done: With small, automated vehicles.



Along with the benefits of new mobility solutions, cities face growing challenges as they integrate fast-developing modes of transportation. Vianova is the leading platform for managing connected and shared mobility in the urban public realm. The company’s technology helps cities and mobility operators better collaborate and communicate, in order to foster more liveable and breathable streets.


Mileus guarantees a comfortable evening commute by a seamless interoperability between public transport and ride-hailing and taxi services. Our B2B2C API technology enables a deep, automated integration between the two modes. This solution reduces congestion and pollution in cities, increases comfort for commuters and improves vehicle utilization for ride-hailing and taxi operators.
Making urban transportation more sustainable, with fewer cars, and our cities more livable.



Gotikket provides transport solutions that are integrated into a single platform from which users can determine the best route and price across several end-to-end travel services and modes.


Vesputi develops smart tools for smart cities with the goal to create a sustainable mobility ecosystem. Our modular platform enables cities and train operators to offer Mobility-as-a-Service to its passengers and citizen, while optimizing background processes and implementing analytics. We are currently developing our product – the mobility box – which will enable connected mobility solutions through a standardized API.


Increasing the modal split for cyclists in order to reduce the problems caused by motorised transport, such as high levels of pollution & noise, is the most urgent problem for many municipalities. We carry out organised and holistic data collection campaigns for cycling data in accordance with GDPR, using our state-of-the-art bicycle tracker. Thus, city planners are able to develop a future-proof and citizen-friendly bicycle infrastructure and to argue objectively towards car advocates.


Laplandar builds the most powerful e-cargo bikes for businesses at the lowest price. We build exclusively in the EU.

Buddy Service - Startup ETI UM


Buddy Service is a startup from Barcelona that has developed on-site service App to connect travellers who experience disabilities with other users and local service providers.

Form8 -startup-EIT-UM


Roads and railways are the backbone of our civilization. Yet the infrastructure is prone to degradation in time which brings burden on public budgets, results in loss of lives. Imagine you could monitor in realtime the status of the infrastructure and plan the repairs according to the real needs. Imagine saving money on broken trams or cars, imagine safer and smoother transportation. We ensure just that, with our hardware on your existing fleets, with short deployment time, at affordable price.


Journify is the intelligent carpooling system for daily commuting, promoting connectivity, and sustainable efficient mobility.


Reducimos un 30% los costes logísticos de empresas de distribución y logística mediante la mejora del proceso de planificación gracias a nuestra tecnología de inteligencia artificial y optimización de rutas.