Street Experiments Tool

SET (Street Experiment Tool) develops a platform for knowledge, information and inspiration for urban street experiments as cities across the globe witness an increased need for innovative uses of public spaces. 

The SET guidelines kit is a tool that supports cities in the transformation process. 


InnovaCity is a 2-day Design-Thinking Workshops, where participants will be working in cross-sector teams to tackle prevailing challenges, prototyping viable solutions and finally pitching their results in front of a panel of experts. The winning teams will receive coaching sessions and a pitch-training to be able to participate in a final event, where they pitch their developed ideas once more. 

Women in Urban Mobility

Women in Urban Mobility aims to raise awareness of female perspectives and gender equality in the urban mobility sector. The project strives to empower women to take entrepreneurial action; encourage companies, cities, and governments to foster gender equality; and enrich the innovation process in urban mobility with female perspectives to increase social inclusion and shape the future of urban mobility for everyone.  

The three European cities – Barcelona, Sofia and Munich – come together to contribute their knowledge about urban mobility and passion for empowering women to:  

  • build a thriving community and fostering creative exchange on innovative urban mobility concepts and perspectives. 
  • contribute a more gender diverse perspective to urban mobility. 
  • enable rich and immersive collaboration between cities, research fields, corporates, and start-ups. 

Urban Mobility Changemaker

Driving change and innovation in the field of urban mobility takes time. The stakeholder ecosystem is complex and decision making in the public realm often slow. A multitude of innovative solutions, technologies, and tools to work towards sustainable urban mobility already exist, but implementation is taking place at a slow pace. The Urban Mobility Changemaker workshops offer valuable insights into best practices from European cities, academia and practitioners.  

The Urban Mobility Changemaker (UMChange) programme consists of four online study tours and co-creation workshops organised in EIT Urban Mobility City Club cities in cooperation with local universities, together with a series of online courses that are highly scalable and can be disseminated among urban mobility and transport planning professionals. The core content of this professional development programme lies in understanding and facilitating organisational change and developing a collective understanding for (retro-)fitting public authorities and private organisations to facilitate sustainable future mobility in different societal and geographic contexts.  

The workshop series combines lectures and co-creation sessions focusing on urban mobility solutions and best practice as well as sessions that look at tools and methods that help understand, manage and ideate within the complex stakeholder ecosystem of urban mobility. Furthermore, the workshops take a deep-dive into participatory planning processes, design thinking, change management and innovation leadership.  

UMChange is an executive education and professional development programme that acts as a round table for education, networking, co-creationand innovation in the urban mobility sector. 


Citython is an evolution of the concept of hackathon and datathon. The events are designed to address the lack of practical solutions to current city urban mobility challenges by developing new targeted applications, technological tools, prototypes and business concepts in a short time frame. 

In cities across Europe, multidisciplinary teams of students and professionals from different backgrounds (including architecture, urban planning, data science, engineering, human science and business creation) come together to create the best solutions to the real-life urban mobility challenges defined by the host cities.  

Participants are supported by mentors from top European universities and industry partners and given feedback by experts in the field of urban mobility and data science. Composed of members of EIT Urban Mobility, public institutions, and industry experts, the jury award the best solutions with a financial prize. Winners then go on to work with the host cities and industry professionals to implement their solutions as well as present their ideas to a wider audience at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona

Blockchain for Urban Mobility

Blockchain for Urban Mobility (B4UM) is offering training on blockchain technology to the EIT Urban Mobility (EIT UM) community including Innovation Hubs and compiling a set of EIT UM-related use cases.  

B4UM provides a complementary, replicable and scalable set of both  online and face-to-face educational materials. The approach goes further than most training programmes by proposing a unique blend of online training – aimed at cities, industry, and R&D organisations – combined with practical, hands-on identification and analysis of specific use cases by engaged stakeholders.  

The project also offers support with applications involving blockchain to EIT Urban Mobility city challenges.  

Agile Data Analysis for sustainable cities and citizens

Most European cities have collected a large amount of data related to public space availability and usage. With the increasing use of new technologies, mainly thanks to the IoT (Internet of Things), more and more data will be available in the coming years. However, specialist data science knowledge is essential to transform this data into useful information and to translate business and operational needs into data-driven specifications.

Agile Data Analysis for sustainable cities and citizens (ADA) is an EIT Urban Mobility activity that aims to develop training courses to reduce the existing knowledge gap in big data and data science among urban mobility professionals and organisations. These interactive courses are complemented with virtual data labs where participants can experience hands-on training activities using real data. Content includes how best to collect, analyse and use data to inform decisions; design business models; and build resilience into urban mobility activities.


Citython is an event created as an evolution of the concept of Hackathon and Datathon, where multidisciplinary teams of students and professionals from different backgrounds and expertise: architecture, urban planning, data science, engineering, human science and business creation, compete against each other to provide the most attractive, functional, real and innovative solutions.

InnovaCity 3.0

Main objectives:
• Find actionable solutions for city challenges in regards to urban mobility using user-centered methods.
• Provide tools to approach challenges to municipalities
• Form teams and motivate people to solve real-world problems
Participants will develop actionable solutions to urban mobility challenges with the winning teams receiving a chance to work with key stakeholders

Umi – Design Thinking Support

Participants will learn a novel Design Thinking Methodology and apply it to urban mobility challenges using a challenge-based approach