Lokit Technology srl

Smart Connectivity, Smart City and Smart Mobility in a single place. Not only a parking infrastructure but a grid of 5G smart hub around the city that make cities smart and connected.

ITC Intelligent Traffic Control LTD.

We developed a 100% software solution that predicts and prevents traffic jams, based on our patented algorithms and AI concepts. We already proved with one of our customers (Tel Aviv Municipality) that we can reduce between 20%-30% of the congestions.


Evourbe develops Dooroti. Dooroti is an intelligent parking management system that allows owners to rent parking places for as long as they consider and without compromising their own needs. This can be possible through our unique combination of hardware and mobile app.

EOS Smart Connectivity S.L

Eos Connectivity is the next-generation connected mobility platform. We empower mobility operators and OEMs with our API-centric solutions. We create and Manage a Multi brand E-Vehicle API Connectivity platform (IOT, Middleware, API). Integrated with SEAT Code (Giravolta) and Electric Feel platform it makes a complete sharing platform for municipalities and private companies.


#dot:dot is a software solution that builds a WiFi, ad-hoc, meshed network between pocket-size electronic boards called #dot’s. No infrastructure. No supervision. No subscription. It turns any crowd into a monetizable private mobile network.

Andronebula SL

Andronebula develops Tunnll: a next-generation mass transportation system for small towns that provides inclusive and sustainable mobility to small town residents.

Logo Cezigue


Cezigue.io is a web-platform connecting the business providing connected services, the in-vehicle access providers & the final users.

A.D Knight

A.D Knight solving the problem of understanding and predicting where people are for pedestrians’ safety.
Its technology is the only solution that can generate safety alert not only to vehicles but to pedestrians and other vulnerable road users, allowing municipalities the ability to save more than 400,000 pedestrians fatalities globally.
The technology allows a real-time, 1-meter location accuracy of wireless devices without any changes in the wireless devices while preserving people’s privacy.