ZenParking Smart Parking

At ZenParking we have a new approach to parking. We have implemented a smart reservation system with automated payment through a smartphone app and a hardware device on the spot, all developed by us (software and hardware).


YourParking designed a smart parking barrier, which addressed everyday people, companies and governmental organizations who would like to use parking lots more effectively. The device has maintenance-free battery, solar power panel and it is simple to plant and use. With this device the owner can protect her/his property, ensure space, or share her/his parking lot in a controlled way by an application platform.

Social Tech Projects ApS – WeSolve

WeSolve is an innovative digital engagement platform that fosters democratic participation within organizations and local governments to promote sustainability and improve the decision-making process.

Urban tech solutions that focus on improving urban livability and safety: monitor noise, air, light pollution, traffic and road infrastructure (R.O.A.D. system) and improve citizen engagement (WeSolve platform).


We create profitable last-mile vehicles for companies and sustainable for the planet. For a zero-emissions future, free of noise, traffic and pollution.


Our company develops AR and AI solutions for business, especially in branches of marketing, education and instruction. We are able to convince consumer to purchase more products and services and to tight him with brand.


roboGaze is an automotive software company focusing on reducing road fatalities, aiming to become a global Software Tier 2 with 3-5% share from the 2,3B € market by 2026.


PANTOhealth combines simulation software and IoT to deliver software-as-a-service solutions for monitoring, predictive maintenance of pantograph and catenary.

OtoRobotics – Delivery Couple

Building 21st century robot employee for food and grocery delivery. The first autonomous eco-friendly couriers robots in Poland (with such a “human face” the first in the world), improving food delivery experience.


Motorcycle’s owners can digitalize the full life-cycle history of their moto in the Digital Identity. We use Blockchain to make data tamper proof & GDPR compliant, and IOT to make moto autonomously update data into the DI and to improve user’s safety.


Meredot is an award-wining startup that is developing the next generation electric fueling stations to lead the mobility charging infrastructure market.

Longship IT Solutions B.V.

We are offering a SaaS solution for Charge Point Operators. Easy to use software, running in the cloud, that enables companies with CPO ambitions to quickly enter the market and start operating and monetizing their charge points.

Lokit Technology srl

Smart Connectivity, Smart City and Smart Mobility in a single place. Not only a parking infrastructure but a grid of 5G smart hub around the city that make cities smart and connected.