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Projects EIT:


InnovaCity is a 2-day Design-Thinking Workshops, where participants will be working in cross-sector teams to tackle prevailing challenges, prototyping viable solutions and finally pitching their results in front of a panel of experts. The winning teams will receive coaching sessions and […]


Battery electric buses are being launched in many cities, with multiple charging technologies and operational schemes available. Along the lifetime of a vehicle, different charging schemes have specific impact on the operating costs, allocation of public space and emissions.  In general, the electrification of existing bus routes usually […]


Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) systems, which will become mandatory for all vehicles commercialised in the EU from 2022, enable speed alerts and, in some cases, automatic speed reduction and compliance. However, there are some issues that need resolving to support their correct use:  • What is the […]

InnovaCity 3.0

Main objectives:• Find actionable solutions for city challenges in regards to urban mobility using user-centered methods.• Provide tools to approach challenges to municipalities• Form teams and motivate people to solve real-world problemsParticipants will develop actionable solutions to urban mobility challenges […]