Factual Consulting

Factual Consulting

FACTUAL is a foresight strategy & innovation and consultancy firm focused on mobility. FACTUAL builds on an extensive international network of highly skilled and experienced professionals, independent consultants, entrepreneurs and researchers who bring in their background and knowledge, adapting to our customers’ requirements with a more flexible, sharp, and focused approach than more traditional consultancies. FACTUAL believes in high performance individuals delivering passion, expertise, vision and commitment to fulfilling customers’ goals, and always steer towards exceeding them: meeting a customer’s goal is not a finish line for FACTUAL; our mindset is already planning for the next frontier, identifying a new revenue stream, working to leverage an unmet opportunity.

Projects EIT:


The SCREEN project is focused on making biking safer and more enjoyable for everyone. By using smart technology SCREEN analyses bike paths and roads, to pinpoint areas that need improvement. The project integrates various technological tools such as pre-processed images, […]


Demand Responsive Transit (DRT) services are gathering momentum in Europe, especially in medium and small size cities and low-density suburbs surrounding large metropolitan areas. Also known as bus on demand or microtransit, DRT allows the provision of public transport services through flexible […]

Blockchain for Urban Mobility

Blockchain for Urban Mobility (B4UM) is offering training on blockchain technology to the EIT Urban Mobility (EIT UM) community including Innovation Hubs and compiling a set of EIT UM-related use cases.   B4UM provides a complementary, replicable and scalable set of both  online and face-to-face educational materials. The approach goes further than most training programmes by proposing a unique blend of online training […]

CommutINg with ShAred mobility covid-FrEe

CommINSAFE project develops and introduces to the market a technological solution consisting of a mobile application for shared mobility services addressed to ecosystems accompanied with a data management system of disinfection facilities and users’ profile.