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City of Milan

City of Milan

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The quality of life in European metropolitan areas is under pressure. A steady increase of the population in combination with the rapid expansion of city tourism frequently causes crowd-related issues. In recent years, universities, research institutes and municipalities have developed […]

Citizen Bench

The public bench represents a practical and emotional link between the city and its citizens. It is a key element for the success of active mobility, public modes of transport and the well-being of citizens. With a user-centric approach, the Citizen Bench project helps cities […]


Battery electric buses are being launched in many cities, with multiple charging technologies and operational schemes available. Along the lifetime of a vehicle, different charging schemes have specific impact on the operating costs, allocation of public space and emissions.  In general, the electrification of existing bus routes usually […]

Taxi Sharing Milano

CITY RESTARTS – REsilient Safe Transport for All: Reliable Taxi Sharing Taxi sharing is a new service that improves matching demand and supply, augments the efficiency of taxi generating economic and environmental benefits.


CityFlows - Decision-support system for pro-active crowd management of crowded urban spaces​