CARNET – Fundació Centre d’Innovació i Tecnologia de la UPC

CARNET – Fundació Centre d’Innovació i Tecnologia de la UPC

CARNET – Future Mobility Research Hub –  is  a Think Tank  for transport and automotive science and technology focused on urban mobility, and based in Barcelona. Its ambition is to become a benchmark in this area, in close alliance with European counterparts.

Projects EIT:

Women in Urban Mobility

Women in Urban Mobility aims to raise awareness of female perspectives and gender equality in the urban mobility sector. The project strives to empower women to take entrepreneurial action; encourage companies, cities, and governments to foster gender equality; and enrich the innovation process in urban mobility with […]


The Urban Mobility Operating System (UMOS) will be as a universal open service platform for optimised, customised and seamless mobility for travellers. The aim is to integrate various multi-modal mobility and related services into a one-stop platform.  However, UMOS is not only […]


SmartHubs is an EIT Urban Mobility Project working on increasing the implementation and use of shared mobility hubs in metropolitan areas.  Worldwide the pressure on urban areas and climate is increasing. Cities need to implement new and effective mobility solutions, such […]


Battery electric buses are being launched in many cities, with multiple charging technologies and operational schemes available. Along the lifetime of a vehicle, different charging schemes have specific impact on the operating costs, allocation of public space and emissions.  In general, the electrification of existing bus routes usually […]


Citython is an evolution of the concept of hackathon and datathon. The events are designed to address the lack of practical solutions to current city urban mobility challenges by developing new targeted applications, technological tools, prototypes and business concepts in a short time frame.  […]


The project Children and youth empowerment through DECIDIUM digital platform, or CES4Kids, aims to deliver a participatory experience forchildren and youth in the co-creation of mobility planning, while at the same time enabling cities, academia and industry actors to gain valuable data and knowledge about their mobility habits to be able to design […]

Blockchain for Urban Mobility

Blockchain for Urban Mobility (B4UM) is offering training on blockchain technology to the EIT Urban Mobility (EIT UM) community including Innovation Hubs and compiling a set of EIT UM-related use cases.   B4UM provides a complementary, replicable and scalable set of both  online and face-to-face educational materials. The approach goes further than most training programmes by proposing a unique blend of online training […]


Citython is an event created as an evolution of the concept of Hackathon and Datathon, where multidisciplinary teams of students and professionals from different backgrounds and expertise: architecture, urban planning, data science, engineering, human science and business creation, compete against […]

Virtual Mobility Lab

Defines the city requirements, data, workload, time frame and final costs to build a feasibility study of a Virtual Mobility Lab of a given city and introduce it to the database of tools supporting the scale-up of solutions

Urban Mobility Assessment Model

Performing a baseline analysis of cities’ mobility systems, identifying their strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. By completing the following three steps, you can receive access to the UMAM data collection survey: Create an account on the BABLE Portal Log in to […]