EXPIRED! Partner Onboarding Assistant

This job offer has expired!

The Partner Onboarding Assistant will be responsible for supporting the management and coordination of the EIT Community project “Onboarding of Partners” (task carried out by an external supplier consortium), lasting initially two years and with the possibility of extending to additional years. The Partner Onboarding Assistant will be responsible to support the coordination of the internal (other departments) and external (KICs, supplier companies) stakeholders involved for the execution of the task.

The main tasks will be:

  • Supporting the supplier consortium in setting the “Partners Onboarding Service”.
  • Supporting the supplier consortium for a smooth implementation of the internally assigned tasks.
  • Internal coordination of the partnership onboarding.
  • Supporting the cross-check of the information from the monthly reports provided by the supplier consortium aimed at initiating the payments.
  • Supporting the organisation of EIT Community EIT meetings in case decisions on the partner validation is needed.

How to apply

Call for applications and guidelines how to apply for Partner Onboarding Assistant

Application form for Partner Onboarding Assistant

Deadline for applications:  6 April 2023

Location: Barcelona, Spain