Innovation Hub

Innovation Hub South is based in Barcelona (Spain).

MAAS solutions and urban logistic services reinforce cities infrastructure hosting thousands of tourists. Innovation Hub South, hand-in-hand with key mobility agents and innovative cities from the region, aims to support citizens and help them to reclaim the public space to become greener, safer, and more liveable for all.

To do so, long-term urban planning and small-scale infrastructure investments encompassed by tactical urbanism are recognised as an inherent part of the mobility sector. The idea of Superblocks in Barcelona and Toulouse expertise in cutting-edge air mobility solutions serve as a hands-on example of the on-going projects. This is the direction in which the Innovation Hub South would like to move on developing citizen-centred smart cities. Engaging citizens in this mobility transformation is our priority as we believe that developing solutions with and for citizens is crucial to delivering a real change.

What do we do at IH South?

At the Innovation Hub South, a lot of attention is paid to the public realm. In Southern countries, and especially those regions with a warm Mediterranean climate, a high level of outdoor activities among its societies can be observed. Therefore, active mobility solutions have great potential to be successfully scaled-up. Streets in the cities are full of residents all year-round using micro mobility solutions to commute, gathering in terraces in the evenings, and walking around city centres at weekends.

Contact point of the IH South

Innovation Hub South

Av. Diagonal, 211 (Torre Glòries)
08018 Barcelona (Spain)