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Innovation Hub East was established in January 2020, it covers the geographical area of eastern part of Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Israel. Since August 2020, the physical office is located in the center of Prague, Czech Republic, at a modern co-working space DRN.

Innovation Hub East collaborates with partners from top universities, research centres, cities, industries and SMEs. Our partners are active in numerous projects covering the topics of Active Mobility, Covid related projects, Micro Mobility, Shared Mobility, AI-powered traffic monitoring, smart parking and the creation and monitoring of innovative urban transportation ecosystems. Innovation Hub East is taking active steps towards widening its partnership across Eastern Europe and within the RIS countries in order to integrate knowledge triangle and bring our partners together to collectively work on innovative projects to create more liveable urban spaces. Innovation Hub East is very proactive in the organisation of acceleration and scale ups programmes.

Whether you are an SME, city, university, or a progressive industry player working towards the development of innovative solutions in the mobility sector, we would like to hear from you to discuss how we can support your key mobility goals and ambitions.

What do we do at IH East?

Innovation Hub East is focused on supporting start-ups, academy and innovation projects led by partners from Eastern Europe. Cities and inhibitors in our region have specific urban mobility needs and challenges.

Our main role consists of supporting local key players to implement innovative solutions and adapt them to regional realities. We work with our partner cities, SMEs, academic institutions and industries to accelerate the transition towards sustainable mobility for more liveable urban spaces.

We provide support on research, administration of innovation projects, education and business creation.

We organise networking events for partners and non-partners from across Europe.

We encourage collaboration, knowledge transfer and sharing of best practices.

We are a small team of enthusiastic and experienced professionals and we are here to support you on your journey towards creating more sustainable and liveable urban spaces.

Contact point of the IH East

Innovation Hub East

EIT Urban Mobility Innovation Hub East, s.r.o.
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