Innovation Hub

Innovation Hub Central is based in Munich (Germany), in the new Urban Colab where startups, corporate innovators, scientists and creatives from the most diverse sectors and disciplines are working together under one roof on intelligent technologies and services for smart city solutions.

Innovation Hub Central aims to engage all relevant stakeholders in the field of urban mobility situated in the countries covered by our geography. A number of key cities, universities, industries and SMEs are already member of our community, such as the cities of Munich, Milan and Istanbul, Siemens Mobility GmbH, BMW as well as the universities EPFL Lausanne, Politecnico di Milano and the Technical University of Munich. We are growing quickly and strive to have a good representation of all the key sectors that have an impact on urban mobility. Our goal is to form an excellence community working together to solve the mobility challenges facing our cities. Contact us if you are interested to become part of EIT Urban Mobility!

What do we do at IH Central?

Innovation Hub Central supports interested institutions and organisations in our area to become part of EIT Urban Mobility through the different types of partnership available. Moreover, we keep them engaged in our activities and we support them in the implementation of innovative projects and activities or in setting up their early business.

We organise meetings and events both for our partners but also for an external audience with the objective to increase awareness about EIT Urban Mobility, our activities and the innovative solutions proposed by our projects and start-ups. These events are a perfect occasion to foster synergies and networking possibilities in our community.

We count on a professional team experienced on Innovation, Business Creation and Partner engagement and communication, and we are in permanent contact with our colleagues from EIT Headquarters and other Innovation Hubs. Therefore, we ensure that the whole range of thematic areas supported by EIT Urban Mobility are addressed in our Innovation Hub.

Innovation Hub Central puts all its efforts and energy on contributing to the ultimate goal of EIT Urban Mobility: to create more liveable urban spaces.

Contact point of the IH Central

Innovation Hub Central

Munich Urban Colab
Freddie-Mercury-Straße 5
80797 Munich (Germany)

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