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Crowdsourced Obtention and Analytics of Data About the Crowding of Public Spaces for the Benefit of Public Transport and Mobility in Cities

COVID-19 is still spreading and spatial distancing is one of the preventative measures taken worldwide. With mobility restrictions being eased in most countries, people are encouraged to go back to work, and the use of Public Transport (PT) and public...

CoVCAP: Coordinating Volunteers supporting COVID-19 affected Persons

CoVCAP provides cities with a toolkit for targeting volunteer support to the most vulnerable in our communities during crises, thus mitigating the impact of COVID-19

Rapid Prototyping In 3D

RAPID will use rapid prototyping in 3D (RAPID) to facilitate citizen co-creation activities and support the city decision making processes around changes and interventions to the built environment in response to COVID-19 restrictions such as social distancing.

Safely Connected: Sustainable Common Accessibility of Lively Downtowns for Healthy People

Safely Connected collaboratively develops and tests the relaunch of local economy and urban life, with the pedestrianisation of the city-centres and the strengthening of the community sense as vectors of urban resilience.  A series of flexible physical and digital tools...

CDClean: COVID19 new disinfection formulation

CDClean will manufacture and apply a permanent disinfectant for public open spaces that will eliminate SARS-CoV-2.


Improving frail people personal mobility providing them with an e-bike tandem cycling experience, assuring social distancing and creating new jobs.

FUTUREMOB: Safe Transport and Commuting, a fast track to the Future of Mobility

Contributing to the improvement of air quality in cities through active mobility and guiding citizens in taking COVID-19-safe mobility decisions.

Fast Urban Responses for New Inclusive Spaces and Habitat

The project will increase local digital fabrication capacities and its application will promote the expansion of public space thanks to the pilot network of prototype mobile urban elements.


NanoCare has developed Liquid Guard®, a nanotechnology able to eliminate virus, microbial, bacterial and fungus, without additional human intervention, reducing the costs for the service providers and increasing the safety of the users.

CommutINg with ShAred mobility covid-FrEe

CommINSAFE project develops and introduces to the market a technological solution consisting of a mobile application for shared mobility services addressed to ecosystems accompanied with a data management system of disinfection facilities and users’ profile.

Taxi Sharing Milano

CITY RESTARTS - REsilient Safe Transport for All: Reliable Taxi Sharing Taxi sharing is a new service that improves matching demand and supply, augments the efficiency of taxi generating economic and environmental benefits.