aerial image of a busy intersection with cars, buildings, and trees

Mastering mobility: noise pollution

According to the European Environment Agency (EEA), one in five people living in the European Union are exposed to noise pollution and long-term noise levels that are considered harmful to their health. From sleep disturbances to cardiovascular issues, noise has […]

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bikes on a bike lane, next to a busy street

Mastering mobility: low emissions zones

Many European cities face air quality problems related to road transport, with a staggering 94% of the urban population exposed to NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) pollution levels higher than the World Health Organisation’s guidelines. The European Environment Agency recently reported that […]

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metro station at night

Mastering mobility: mobility data spaces

We are more connected through technology than ever before. Over 80% of Europe’s population uses the internet via smartphones, which has immense impact on our data consumption. In fact, data consumption in the region is expected to triple within the […]

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2024 EIT Jumpstarter cohort selected

These weeks mark the beginning of the Online Bootcamps of the EIT Jumpstarter programme. A significant step for the selected 186 teams of in total 341 founders from across Europe who seek to validate their innovative ideas. The digital classroom […]

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Person cycling in city

2024 Targeted Open Call Projects

We are proud to announce the Targeted Open Call project results for 2024. The projects address critical challenges such as accelerating the hydrogen transition, supporting companies to report their employee commute emissions, aiding bus manufacturers to comply with the new […]

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