New European Bauhaus (NEB)

NEB Cross-KIC activity – Acceleration of startups

Bridging the gap between science & technology and arts & culture. Fostering sustainability and business promotion through startups and citizen engagement.

The New European Bauhaus (NEB) is an environmental, social and cultural initiative aiming to connect innovation, creativity and design to improve citizen's quality of life, blending the European Green Deal and digital transformation. This mission aims at bridging the gap between science & technology and arts & culture, under the scope of sustainability, business promotion through startups, and citizen education and engagement.

The NEB calls to combine three complementary dimensions to create a movement to explore better living together on a healthy planet after the pandemic: sustainability (including circularity), quality of experience (including aesthetics) and inclusiveness (including accessibility and affordability). Fostering the NEB’s mission, the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) together with its thematic pan-European Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) will identify and support the most promising NEB-related ventures developing high-impact solutions for sustainable living and improved quality of life.

Applications closed!

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Selected startups receive …

Acceleration services up to €50.000 in exchange for a similar contribution to our Financial Sustainability

Acceleration services to grow
your businesses fostering
sustainable living and to improve
quality of life for the world
after the pandemic.

Who should apply?

Eligibility criteria

    1. Overall impression (5 points):
      • Credibility versus potential investors
      • Quality of business concept and clear Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
      • Complete and strong team
    2. Scalability of the product or solution (5 points):
      • Large target market characterized by exponential growth
      • Proven market access and capability to gain market shares
      • High Technological Readiness Level (TRL) including market ready products
      • Proven traction (“Scaling company, not early-stage start-up”)
    3. Fit with Cross-KIC NEB challenges (5 points): EIT Urban Mobility will select two start-ups that focus on tackling one of the following challenges:
      • Sustainable alternatives for hardscapes as urban spaces, naturalisation of degraded public areas, green areas, biodiversity, green and blue infrastructures, and urban furniture as assets promoting active mobility, improving citizen well-being, and mitigating heat island effects.
      • Enhancement of public realm, accessibility, and interconnection through active modes, to mitigate air pollution and improve physical and mental health.
      • Universal mobility as a key enabler for social inclusion. Everyone should be able to move freely within the city regardless gender, race, beliefs, or disability (barrier-free access).
    4. Impact (5 points):
      • A relevant pilot project has been outlined or is foreseeable as test beds or within living labs.
      • High impact for many citizens (not just a niche product).

Applications closed!

Would you like to get notified about EIT Urban Mobility call openings and other opportunities for startups and SMEs?