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The world’s cities are undergoing a massive transformation in how they function, how people and goods get from place to place, and how the city and its services are organised to support that movement. This transformation is being driven by new technologies, by new industrial actors, and by new priorities for meeting sustainability challenges.

To adapt to and to guide this transformation, the transport industry needs a new generation of graduates:

  • who can spur and harness innovation
  • who can work across the many disciplines in urban mobility
  • who have the entrepreneurial skills to maximise the potential of their creations.

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The New Master School

We are now launching a unique Master School in cooperation with leading European universities, industry, and cities. The programmes will not only give you the education urgently needed by industry and cities, but also a valuable network and a truly international experience. The Master is offered by EIT Urban Mobility, supported by EIT, a body of the European Union.

  • The programmes integrate leading technological knowledge with training and practice in innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • You study the first year in one partner university and the second in another, awarding you with a double degree as well as an EIT Label Certificate*.

  • Included in the curriculum is a unique summer school addressing critical real-life challenges while visiting two European cities.

  • Also, internships at companies and cities across Europe are part of the curriculum.

  • To attract the best talent globally we offer a generous scholarship programme.

* Subject to EIT assessment and approval.

Are You the Right One?

  • We are looking for students from across Europe, and globally, with a strong interest in working with the urban mobility challenges facing us today.

  • You should also have a desire to address these issues with a broad approach including project management and communications skills, innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • You are a top student, with an interest in studying in an international context, and you are fluent in English.

  • We believe work experience is beneficial.

The EIT Urban Mobility Master Programmes

Sustainable Urban Mobility Transitions

The world’s cities are changing, but not enough. New technology, business models, and global priorities are transforming the way we get around, and regional planners and urban engineers are under pressure...

Coming in 2021: Future Mobility Markets and Services

The Future Mobility Markets and Services programme prepares graduates to create and improve new mobility models, logistics strategies and business and digital transformation...

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