Custom mobility workshops

Strengthen your leadership on urban mobility together with EIT Urban Mobility

Want to strengthen your position as urban mobility innovative leader? With the support of the EIT Urban Mobility Market Development, become a workshop partner and get the right experts around the table to discuss the most relevant mobility topics for your organisation and be protagonist in a wide range of EIT Urban Mobility dissemination and exploitation actions.

What will you get?

  • A turnkey workshop with experts on your mobility theme
  • Evidence based report from relevant stakeholders, such as cities, industries and start-ups
  • Outreach to key stakeholders with key findings
  • Key role in dissemination actions organised by EIT UM

The thematic workshops, organised from A to Z by the Market Development, aim to create new opportunities for cooperation between the private and public sectors. Set up to facilitate an independent expert discussion on cutting-edge urban mobility topics, our turnkey workshops provide:

•   Promotion of innovative solutions to cities’ mobility challenges 

•   Identification of key policy actions for market deployment and scaling

•   Stakeholder mapping

•   Appraisal of societal benefits

After the workshops, results and recommendations are synthesised in a joint branded report and a number of dissemination and visibility actions deployed for outreach among the urban mobility community.

Interest to become a workshop partner?

Please contact Mr. Yoann Le Petit, EIT Urban Mobility Market Development: