From research to application

From innovative ideas
to real-life applications

Through our Innovation Programme we aim to resolve urban mobility challenges facing European cities. Within our action orientated innovation, we take ideas and put them to the test in real life as well as address the regulatory and behavioural changes needed in order to improve urban life quality for all citizens. 

The Innovation Programme co-creates ideas that leads to the proposal of projects, the demonstration of new solutions, the development of living labs, and the creation of commercial value.

We create Action and Interest Groups capable of attracting private and public funding to promoting  game-changing solutions.  We develop international partnerships across and beyond Europe.

Innovation Challenge Areas ​

Over 250+ urban mobility challenges were identified by cities across Europe. These  challenges were reworked into 9 wider “Challenge Areas”. Each year a work programme is developed with a focus on a number of the innovation challenge areas:

  • Active Mobility
  • Intermodality
  • Mobility infrastructure
  • Mobility for all
  • Pollution reduction
  • Sustainable city logistics
  • Creating public realm
  • Future mobility
  • Mobility and energy


Our vehicles for innovation are:

Innovation projects

The annual call for proposals focus on specific topics. Innovation projects, as collaborative activities, are:

  • Challenge-driven, market-based and solution-oriented
  • Focused on research, technology, and societal innovation
  • Developed by multidisciplinary teams and supportive 
  • of EIT RIS country partners
  • Pathways for SMEs to expand and grow
  • Centred on pan-European demonstrations and testing 
  • in real-life contexts with public engagement

Scientific & Technical Exploitation

The Innovation Programme's Exploitation Forum is used as means to openly assess, analyse and discuss the EIT portfolio with emphasis placed on the financial value creation as well as ensuring the social, regulatory and legal environment is conducive to innovation.  In this way, the Innovation Programme contributes to scientific and technical knowhow and its application to urban mobility, city health, green growth and sustainability.


The Innovation Programme develops Action and Interest Groupps around key urban mobility challenges. The EIT UM Core Community can partner with new start-ups, cities and industrial players to target public and private funding globally. 

The Action and Interest Groups maintain our work as state-of-the-art and reference cases for wider adoption.

Living labs

The Innovation Programme develops partnerships with cities, towns and regions willing to provide living lab environments to enable faster testing and take-up. 

The involvement of citizens and end users in real-life situations are key to ensuring innovation is of practical value.