Mobility Corporate Venture Builder

Next generation of mobility ventures

The Mobility Corporate Venture Builder from EIT Urban Mobility focuses on creating startups with innovation at its core and a deep focus on sustainability, impact, inclusivity, and gender equality. Our objective: launch the next generation of European high-growth urban mobility companies and create the link with corporate players embracing open innovation schemes, merge, and acquisition strategies and/or having corporate investment vehicles.

We design, validate and build the next generation of mobility ventures responding to corporate innovation challenges.

The Mobility Corporate Venture Builder fills the missing gap at the most initial point of the entrepreneurship journey by creating new companies in the field of urban mobility. This venture model systematically produces new mobility companies, addressing real world industry problems.

The methodology

We rely on Byld’s methodology, our partner for venture building activities. Together, we identify the main corporate problems related to mobility, we find the right opportunities and the right people, we validate the concepts and we build the business. This methodology allows EIT Urban Mobility, Byld and corporates create new mobility ventures responding to market needs and become shareholders at the earliest stage of startups life.  

Ideas scouting

We understand the problem, empathise with the client and research market conditions to define the best opportunities.

  • Market discovery
  • Corporate problem discovery
  • Analise scalable business models
  • Gather a pool of mobility business ideas

Team matchmaking

We gather the best team to promote its fast integration into the real market.

  • Attract a pool of talented profiles
  • Assess compatibility
  • Match pool of talent with mobility ideas
  • Onboard teams, mentor and coach

Business validation

We transform value propositions into real businesses with real clients.

  • Identification of business opportunities: problem – solution fit
  • Fine-tune venture concepts
  • Prototyping and MVP : Agile validation
  • Building plan: Technology development roadmap, strategy

Venture creation

We build the venture, the team and its culture from 0 to hero.

  • Legal incorporation
  • Business launch

Central services provision

We provide what entrepreneurs need to get the new company started.

  • Legal support
  • Marketing and communications support
  • Human resources support
  • Sales and business development support


Are you a corporate with open innovation schemes, merge, and acquisition strategies and/or having corporate investment vehicles interested in collaborating with the Mobility Corporate Venture Builder?

Are you an investor interested in the deal flow from our Mobility Corporate Venture Builder?