Nimbee, the electric car charger
that comes to you

Nimbee, the electric car charger that comes to you

On demand charging service looks to improve the planet and customers’ lives

An estimated 33 million electric car owners in Europe will need efficient charging by 2030, and Nimble energy’s electric vehicle charging service is looking to meet the demand.

At the heart of the Czech-based company is Nimbee, an autonomous battery-operated charging robot that will make its way to the customer, eliminating the need for them to go to a charging station. The service is the first of its kind and gives drivers access to charging when they need it. Nimble founder, Jan Šamal, says it will benefit individuals but also delivery service companies, “If we want to combat climate change and deliver some fast results, we need to focus first on these fleet vehicles like the taxi drivers(…) electrification of the fleet is the challenge for them and I do believe that having charging as a service can really help them with speeding up all of the process.”

If a driver needs their vehicle charged, they just head over to the app to order a Nimbee and the Nim’beelivery driver will arrive at exactly the time you booked for in the app. In just under 45 minutes, Nimbee will DC charge the car, adding up to 40KWh. That converts to nearly an extra 200 km. The process is powerful and fast, when the charging is complete – a Nim’beelivery driver will be sent to pick up the robot.

Removing stationary charging stations out of the equation, Nim’bee will optimize a cities’ space and infrastructure. The project will help cities to better plan and streamline deployment of the availability of electrical charging infrastructure such as mobile charging stations and provide valuable on demand services for electric vehicle owners.  “In the next couple of months I really wish for Nimbee to be available in the first couple of European cities and next year be commercially available.” says Šamal

Nimbee bots are set to be in Žilina, (Slovakia), Riga, (Latvia) and Braunschweig, (Germany). Each pilot city will hold a minimum of 100 charging test sessions through the user app, “I hope that Nimbee in the future (will have) the same legacy (…) as other on demand services, it's pretty common that we are ordering food through the on demand services, and are ordering a taxi, we are ordering a shared service. For me, I hope and my belief is that the service for mobile charging will be on the same level for the future.”

A greater number of Nimbees available will translate into higher rates of clean energy use and reduced air pollution.

In the future, Jan Šamal predicts, “cars will be prohibited from cities.” He says “for many many occasions if you’re going shopping or to the lake which is beyond the city (you’ll) need a car and I do believe that most of them will be using shared services like car-sharing, ride-sharing (…) This is actually the direction we’re all heading. It will give us a city that will have less cars, zero pollution and freedom to move freely around the city”.

The creation of Nimbee would not be possible without partners like Designwerk and EIT urban mobility, “we enter as a core partner (…) all of these members of the consortium have agreed that we will be improving what we have done already before (…) everything is almost ready for the market and all of these partners are now improving the product.”