Elonroad and Vinci electrify Europe’s efforts towards decarbonisation

Elonroad and Vinci electrify Europe's efforts towards decarbonisation

The plan signifies a marriage between Sweden and France, two countries that are leading sustainability in Europe and the world. “It is fantastic to see two of the lowest carbon electricity countries in the world joining forces to bring Electric Road Systems (ERS) to life. This partnership is a significant step towards realising the true potential of Gen 2 electric mobility.” expressed Karin Ebbinghaus, CEO of Elonroad. Generation 2 in electric mobility is the next wave of innovation in the sector, it enables EVs to charge while in motion on electric road systems integrated into roads.

The French government has decided that “we need to change the scale. We need to accelerate the transition and again, we do it by bringing the cost down and the ease of use” believes Valery. An uptake in electric cars would take the continent closer to decarbonizing, especially as the EU eyes up its goal of requiring all new cars sold to have zero CO2 emissions from 2035.

Louis du Pasquier, Decarbonization Director at VINCI Autoroutes, expresses gratitude on behalf of the consortium to the French government and BPIFrance for their financial support of the Charge As You Drive project. “We are excited to collaborate and actively contribute to the global deployment of Electric Road Systems. This partnership is a crucial step in our shared vision for a sustainable and efficient future of road transportation."

Less dependency on batteries and therefore the raw materials, such as lithium and cobalt used to make them, also stands to benefit France. It could generate jobs and industrial activity in the country, where most of the Elonroad components will be manufactured.

The Swedish clean-tech company and VINCI say the highway will be finished by 2025. “And then of course it will take a couple of years to install more kilometres on more highways…we are dreamers.”