Citizens on the Move participants put training
into action for a co-created future

The 2023 cohort of Citizens on the Move: 20 participants from across Europe

Kadıköy, Türkiye’s accessible citizen engagement project

In 2023, the first edition of the programme took place, and included a two-day study visit to Rotterdam where learners were exposed to leading practices in citizen engagement in a city renowned for its forward-thinking approach to sustainable mobility. “It was very much eye-opening for many of the participants. They were confronted with such a different reality and way of doing things,” Janusz noted.

For Mert Yaman, Urban Planner and Project Manager from the Municipality of Kadiköy in Türkiye, participation in Citizens on the Move in 2023 was an opportunity to overcome challenges faced in the past. “In my previous experiences, the development of participatory processes gave me a little bit of a hard time when we were managing projects and that got me very interested in seeing good practices,” Yaman explained.

Yaman found the experience valuable and drew on the knowledge he gained in the programme to contribute to his Accessible Kadıköy project, getting the population who would hopefully benefit from the project, people with disabilities, involved in the process.

Of the experience, Yaman explained, “As a technical guy who switched to more of the social side of things and is now managing mostly EU projects, I think it's very important to know these participatory processes.”

Thanks to the training Yaman discovered that “there is no hard-to-engage stakeholder.” And by interacting with participants from across Europe during the Rotterdam study trip he was reassured to discover that others were facing similar challenges. “It taught me that I should not be that worried, and this is problematic everywhere, only in different ways,” he said. “I would love to share this experience both internally and globally.”

Participants from citizens on the move 2023