Eccocar Sharing S.L.

Eccocar digitises rent-a-car and new on-demand mobility providers, such as ride-hailing and ride-sharing operators, and generates white-label APPs for them to launch their service with +140 functionalities such us: Digital Contract and Biometrical On-boarding, Vehicle Inspection, Damage Management, Virtual Key Solution, Marketing Functionalities and much more.

Reflet du Monde

The company supports its customers in the use of UAVs in terms of training, services, sales and research and development. Reflet du Monde also works in the field of agriculture with its 25 kg drone used for various services.


H2 DRON ENERGY is a clean energy technology and product manufacturing company. We design, manufacture and integrate solutions for the electric power generation using hydrogen fuel cell, at present we are focussed in UAVs.

Finova Aviation S.L

Developing a Flying Car that can drive on the road and fly in the sky to offer true Door-to-Door mobility for First/Last-Mile Cargo delivery in urban areas to reduce the delivery cost for e-commerce companies.


We’re changing how the world breathes and moves with sustainable and innovative ways to improve medical deliveries. Delivrone is a French start-up looking to revolutionize the medical last mile delivery industry using drones.


AldoraTech offers a drone delivery solution that aims for an efficient, sustainable and safe transition to a greener automated logistics. We have developed drones to deliver packages and a process to automate their manufacture, reducing costs.


BaaS and CaaS startup: B2B subscription to the next generation swapping, charging and management stations for light electric vehicle batteries. Smart, modular, eco infrastructure. We add Sustainability, operations-logistics agility and unlimited kms.


For people who move in different forms of transportation from cars, e-mopeds, e-kick scooters and bicycles; Gocleer provides have created a new mobility insurance category, with a people-centric approach through, no matter how drivers are moving.


MissCar, a digital platform with an app and a website, which offers a carpooling service just for women, in order to provide our users, the opportunity to share car with unknown people with maximum security, peace of mind and trust.

By validating the identity of all users, we guarantee that all profiles registered on the platform are verified.


By simplifying the design of green energy, Levante creates a solar panel that can be taken anywhere. Designed according to circular economy principles, the benefits of our panels are greater energy efficiency, space savings, and durability.

Karikrea SL (Ossby Folding Bikes)

At Ossby, we convert recycled plastics and fibers into innovative electric vehicles to move around the city. We manufacture in Spain unique folding bikes and ebikes to help cities be greener and more sustainable.

Unipessoal LDA – Luma

Luma is creating an intelligent cloud algorithm and user app that aggregates and manages the charging and discharging of Electric Vehicles parked throughout a city, creating virtual batteries at a fraction of the cost of traditional energy storage.