App for tracking orders in real time. The perfect complement to your logistics supply chain.

Omniloop AB

Omniloop develops and provides technologies, know-how, key components, and complete systems for underground capsule pipeline logistics for transporting and storing items, packages, circular flows, and waste that fits in a cylinder with a 30 cm diameter.


XENSE Vision enhances automated vehicles’ decision-making in complex traffic by providing positions of hidden objects and pedestrians. This is achieved through sensor-equipped infrastructure, ensuring safer and more efficient navigation.

Walking Talking AB

Walking Talking offers corporate leaders a scientifically-based method to manage stress and foster a sustainable corporate culture. Its digi-physical platform encourages daily movement and communication, fostering collaboration among colleagues and supporting companies in overcoming stress issues sustainably.


SurPlus Map integrates data from different sources in a map interface to help energy companies, local/regional governments, and charge points operators work together, as a team, on building widely accessible and connected charging infrastructure.

SparkPark AS

Sparkpark AS is a Norwegian company serving the global market with green technology. Its product portfolio consists of Happy City®, an IoT solution for micromobility vehicles parking, and a fleet of electric kickscooters and electric bikes.

Parkly Urban Furniture

Parkly is on a mission to bring people together. Its modular urban furniture solutions turn any outdoor area into a green and welcoming place where people can meet, play and unwind.

Omni Audio Ltd.

Omni Audio makes everything visible with sound. Its software helps the blind to “hear” objects, devices, and barriers around them and feel safe using intuitive sounds.

Iomob Technologies OÜ

Iomob provides an open mobility-on-demand marketplace by offering any public or private mobility provider an option to integrate their services into the platform. Customers can then integrate Iomob’s platform into their app or website to offer consumers multimodal travel choices. The open mobility marketplace approach prioritizes service over customer ownership, dissolving the rigid barriers between transport providers of different modes.

GaiaHub OÜ

GaiaHub is an ecosystem of data-driven modular products offering insight into urban traffic’s impact on the climate. A platform aggregates real-time urban data from various sensors and provides reporting and predictions for governments and citizens.

CommuteSaver AB

Commutesaver provides a fully digital solution and an automated CO2 tracking app for employee commuting. The AI based mobile app automatically detects the user’s transport mode and then tracks and reports those CO2 emissions to the company.

Cocoon Airbag Protection AB

Cocoon Airbag Protection develops the world’s safest child seat for bikes. The solution is a patented airbag protection for bicycle child seats that is attached to the back of the seat and will open up as a protecting airbag around the child in case of an accident.