DECON is a new hand disinfector based on ozonized water. Unlike alcohol disinfection it is effective against viruses and doesn’t cause skin problems.

Our mission is to help improve hand hygiene and prevent the hand-to-hand spreading of infections with a new ground-breaking ozone-based hand disinfector. In the current situation, with the CORONA pandemic, it is essential to find new solutions for hand disinfection and answers to the well documented problems of alcohol disinfection, ineffectiveness against viruses and skin problems.



We develop simple solutions to the challenges our users meet every day.

Saanize seeks to create an easier everyday for people by developing simple solutions to simple problems. We strive to create honest and simple products with sustainability in mind.


PentaLock is the most secure and convenient locking solution for bikes.

To stop bicycle theft, by stopping thieves from using and selling the bike. If they can’t do that, why steal it in the first place?

European Health Group

Our coating service prevents bacterial growth on highly used surfaces & all materials, killing viruses & bacteria & making our environment safer.

We believe that health care technology prevents diseases. We provide a coating service for antibacterial and -viral surface coating. The long lasting and self-cleaning coating prevents smear infections. All surfaces can be coated. The coating is our solution for more safety, less restrictions in our everyday life, less costs and continuous reduction of the bacterial load.



Elonroad develops a high-tech electric road system – it auto charges all types of electric vehicles when parked as well as when driving. Our vision is to electrify the entire transport sector and make fossil fuel a thing of the past, without increasing the demand of batteries. We will be the enabler of electrification of vehicles just like fiber has been for digitalization. We can contribute to reducing road transport CO2 emissions by more than 50%.