Pealock (HW+Insurtech) is a smart electronic lock for sports equipment, such as bicycles, e-scooters, etc., with the possibility of arranging insurance directly in the Pealock application with just a few clicks.


VivaDrive helps companies introduce electric vehicles and alternative forms of transport in their organizations, and manage these new low and zero-emission fleets.

UDX Research s.r.o.

UDX is developing a fully electric flying vehicle capable of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL). A unique combination of technologies allows the company to introduce safe to fly VTOL vehicles for various use cases from safeguard missions to urban mobility.

Terra sp. z o.o.

TerGo is a full-stack carbon market company that provides solutions to count, reduce and offset carbon emissions. Its flagship product – TERbit – is an app that quantifies and rewards eco actions, such as low-emission commuting.


REOVLTZ creates high-end, mini-electric vehicles that truly elevate single-rider transportation and last-mile delivery methods. The company bridges the gap between the traditional automotive world and the emerging style of micromobility vehicles.


i4drive provides comprehensive driver profiling and deep analytics, enabling fleets, insurers, and smart mobility operators to truly understand what is impacting driver behaviour and safety.


Fruittorg acts as a B2B agri-marketplace with an end-to-end supply chain for the cross-border trade of fruits and vegetables.


Brightmerge is a data decision-making platform for rapidly optimizing and verifying financial, sustainability and reliability performance of advanced renewable energy microgrid systems that enable rapid adoption of Electric Vehicle Fleets.


Anyroutes enables SMB Distributors to collaborate and share delivery schedules based on route and proximity, reducing operational costs and eliminating the congestion and waste of overlapping deliveries.


Using the latest advancements in autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, and robotics, .lumen builds glasses that empower the blind to live a better life. With its hardware, the company offers relevant information to its user through an intuitive haptics and auditory feedback mechanism.


B2B platform that enables flexible use of a company’s parking spots so a greater number of employees can commute by car and use the parking lot.