SafeMode offers behavior-based software to help fleet managers monitor and reward drivers for safe and eco-driving.


Autonomous vehicles and delivery robots are poised to transform last-mile distribution, but full autonomy is very difficult to achieve. Vehicles and robots will always encounter rare situations that artificial intelligence is not trained to handle.
The solution is to provide human assistance when this happens – remotely, on-demand, and through a safe, secure and reliable method.


Nanobile is the IoT and AI hardware and software development and manufacturing company, focused on Clean Tech Smart Urban and Rural solutions.

eParkomat (City Smart Parking s.r.o.)

Since 2016 we are changing data of mobile operators into real value by using AI. We help people to park by using our unique algorithms, cities to make right decision in urban development and mobility areas and retailers understand their customers.

ChargeX GmbH

ChargeX develops modular charging solutions for electric cars. Our AC charging system Aqueduct is specifically designed for underground parking garages and employee parking lots. It enables infrastructure providers to set-up and later scale-up large-scale charging infrastructure affordable and with little installation effort.

Broomee Technologies LLC

Broomee Technologies moves public transport to the XXI century making it accessible, cost-effective, ecological, and personalized.

Breeze Technologies

Breeze Technologies is a technology leader for air quality sensors, data and analytics. The startup helps cities and corporates to design more efficient clean air action plans with artificial intelligence and the internet of things.

Auve Tech OÜ

Auve Tech is an Estonian company that grew out from a research project in cooperation with Tallinn University of Technology. The goal was to develop an autonomous shuttle from scratch and after finishing the first prototype within just a year, we have continued to develop and manufacture the shuttles and proved their functionality in various use cases for providing safe and sustainable solutions in last-mile transportation.

A.D Knight

A.D Knight solving the problem of understanding and predicting where people are for pedestrians’ safety.
Its technology is the only solution that can generate safety alert not only to vehicles but to pedestrians and other vulnerable road users, allowing municipalities the ability to save more than 400,000 pedestrians fatalities globally.
The technology allows a real-time, 1-meter location accuracy of wireless devices without any changes in the wireless devices while preserving people’s privacy.


Mileus guarantees a comfortable evening commute by a seamless interoperability between public transport and ride-hailing and taxi services. Our B2B2C API technology enables a deep, automated integration between the two modes. This solution reduces congestion and pollution in cities, increases comfort for commuters and improves vehicle utilization for ride-hailing and taxi operators.
Making urban transportation more sustainable, with fewer cars, and our cities more livable.


Vesputi develops smart tools for smart cities with the goal to create a sustainable mobility ecosystem. Our modular platform enables cities and train operators to offer Mobility-as-a-Service to its passengers and citizen, while optimizing background processes and implementing analytics. We are currently developing our product – the mobility box – which will enable connected mobility solutions through a standardized API.


Laplandar builds the most powerful e-cargo bikes for businesses at the lowest price. We build exclusively in the EU.