Block provides smart and secure bicycle racks to foster a sustainable and smart urban mobility, making cyclists’ life worry-free and convenient.


Prepravto focuses on smart urban transport of goods reloading half-empty trucks along their regular city shipping routes to avoid empty runs.

Unmanned System Bulgaria

Unmanned System Bulgaria offers bridging service to all airspace users, drone operators included, with the Aviation authorities to ease flight approval and authorization process.

Cargio industries s.r.o

Cargio provides a flexible subsription service for cargobikes that takes care of everything except pedalling.

Atlas Aero

Atlas Aero is building Origin – an airplane which combines the advantages of fixed-wing aircraft with vertical take-off and landing capabilities leading to unrivaled efficiency in forward flight.


TechNovator has invented unique method of energy transfer that allows us to charge drones, e-scooters, other high-powerful devices simultaneously at 0,5 meter distance with efficiency – 95% without cables.


Design and production of automotive robots for last mile delivery to decrease the cost of the delivery. 

Meter Solutions Kft

SaaS product for fleet operators and energy network managers. A demand-side response system that uses IoT, machine learning and predictive analytics to optimise EV charging and match it with distributed renewable generation.


Software enabling interactively design and three-dimensionally visualize roads, railways, power lines or pipelines with simultaneous calculation of costs and scheduling – real-time and with wide automations.


Zero emission vans for cities. FSE creates innovative modular solutions for light electric delivery vehicles to answer to the needs of entities interested in supplying electric vehicles.


Document the world in HD. Most durable, precise and practical 360º camera for urban mapping & surveying


SafeMode offers behavior-based software to help fleet managers monitor and reward drivers for safe and eco-driving.