RideBee develops a platform for companies that supports the creation of carpools for employees and simplifies daily organization and long-term planning.
Most employees come to work by car. In the long run this is very expensive, time consuming and stressful for the individual. At the same time, problems such as pollutant emissions and traffic volume increase for society, especially during peak hours. Carpooling solves these problems by pragmatically increasing the use of cars.

Isarsoft - startup - EIT UM


Measure, plan, act. Isarsoft AI-camera-based passenger counting allows public transport providers to increase efficiency, customer satisfaction and turnover.
We provide actionable insights from any camera in busses, trams, trains and trainstations.


We empower real-time data-driven decisions and operations based on mobility data fusion, analytics, and visualisation.



BlinkIn helps companies to enable their customers and employees in the moment of truth.
We allow experts to blink into a real-life situation, to share their knowledge and guidance to resolve the given challenge.
We believe that help should be available instantly for everyone and not be tied to the availability of hotlines. That’s why we develop Houston – the first visual bot for the tangible world.



Incumbent urban pollution monitoring systems fail to provide timely and relevant information where it is urgently needed to inform decision-making across the entire smart city ecosystem. Hawa Dawa’s sophisticated, digital air quality monitoring and management platform fuses satellite tech, IoT, AI and data science to produce actionable heatmaps which inform smart, dynamic traffic management systems, guide more efficient mobility investments and help tackle a global public health crisis.