Volvero is an app in sustainable mobility for sharing vehicles that connects owners and people for saving time and money. Through AI and advanced technologies, we improve quality and security with crystal-clear full insurance coverage. Volvero is easier, safer and more reliable than any other app.


We believe that the new mobility transition is essential for livable and sustainable cities. By providing and visualizing multimodal mobility data, we empower companies and cities to improve mobility in our cities. Veomo’s multimodal mobility platform has access to over 40 mobility services in the seven largest cities in Germany and Vienna. These data serve as a foundation for the visualization of multimodal departure boards, location analyses, utilization reporting and real-time dashboards.

TravelAi Ltd

TravelAi is a European Space Agency BIC programme Alumni ith a multi-country team based in the UK, Portugal and Finland, having built an IP Stack to help understand how citizens around the world use transport systems. This automatic software solution can be embedded into Android and iOS apps to allow them to identify the route, mode of transport and time of travel. We use a B2B SaaS licensing model and work with transport service providers, munis and infrastructure owners.

ParkDepot GmbH

Our AI driven traffic management solution based on video technology is the most advanced car recognition technology in the free-flow traffic sector. The technology can be used for any case where automatic recognition of cars can facilitate the customer journey and experience. We already revolutionize the private parking sector – where we optimize the use of parking lots – and are about to subsequently provide our technology to the public space to extend our impact for smart cities.

d3 Technologies- startup -EIT-UM

D3 Technologies

D3 Technologies develops an air traffic control solution for urban air taxis and other manned vehicles. A new form of air traffic management technology is required to safely manage people carrying drones in metropolitan areas. While everyone is focusing on unmanned operating platforms, D3 focuses on manned drone traffic, like air taxis, from the beginning. We are a seed state deep tech company founded by aviation industry engineers and experts. D3 raised 550,000€ in capital so far.

Ducktrain - EIT Urban Mobility


Ducktrain is an automated, electric light vehicle system for sustainable and very efficient urban and industrial last mile logistics with a step by-step go-to-road strategy: from partially automated follow-me to automated driving. Ducktrain will disrupt how urban and industrial logistic is done: With small, automated vehicles.


Increasing the modal split for cyclists in order to reduce the problems caused by motorised transport, such as high levels of pollution & noise, is the most urgent problem for many municipalities. We carry out organised and holistic data collection campaigns for cycling data in accordance with GDPR, using our state-of-the-art bicycle tracker. Thus, city planners are able to develop a future-proof and citizen-friendly bicycle infrastructure and to argue objectively towards car advocates.

Buddy Service - Startup ETI UM


Buddy Service is a startup from Barcelona that has developed on-site service App to connect travellers who experience disabilities with other users and local service providers.

Tytovision startup EIT-UM


Tytovision is high tech company which produces artificial intelligence and machine vision algorithms to upragade mobility solutions. We make vehicles as intelligent as humans. The algorithms we produce enable every vehicle to make smart sectoral analysis. Our products, which also has ADAS features, can detect and report traffic violations or real-time mapping. Also we can produce some intelligent video analyses for businesses as well. In fact what we created is the eye of the city for municipal