Leveraging solutions around the world

Making an impact on the ground

With the support of the EIT Urban Mobility Factory, we support the process of putting solutions into practice in cities around the world, with a tailored approach which can help overcome regulatory, technical, financial and organisational obstacles.

The Urban Mobility Assessment Model (UMAM) can help cities analyse their strengths and identify opportunities in order to decide on practical next steps for improving their mobility systems.

In-depth research on new mobility solutions

Pilot projects involving EIT Urban Mobility partners

Unique tools for scaling mobility solutions up

Personalised services for cities, industry and developers

Thought leadership studies

The Factory, with its partners from world leading universities, research organisations, industry and cities, provides reports with practical insights on current challenges and future opportunities to support efforts by cities to provide world-class mobility to the people who live there.

Scaling solutions

The lessons learned and thinking from real-life innovation projects are turned into blueprints for cities to use wherever needed. Cities are offered the change to implement proven solutions while avoiding making the mistakes of previous adopters. Companies can let potential customers know about their expertise and products via the consortium and the City Club and to other players.

Urban Mobility Assessment Model

Each city’s mobility system is unique and needs specific tailored solutions to reach its goals. Based on a thorough, comparative and action-oriented analysis, the Urban Mobility Assessment Model supports cities in implementing the solutions that really fit to their needs.


If you are planning your next move for developing, implementing or upscaling urban mobility solutions, the Factory provides you access to its partners, findings and scalable solutions. Get in touch to find what you need to get further, faster.